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Yet another, further, different Rapture post

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

– Wiccapundit

People like to say that Wiccan theological precepts are nutty.  How much nuttier can they be than the perpetual fixation with “The Rapture?”  Most people are unaware that Rapture theology is decidedly NOT part of mainstream Christian thinking.  The concept of The Rapture was cooked up in the 1830’s by the Anglo-Irish evangelist John Nelson Darby, and has been exploited by more than one religious huckster (e.g., Hal Lindsey, of “The Late, Great Planet Earth” fame, and Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins, the (very rich) authors of the “Left Behind” series).  Every time one of these “End Times” prophetic dates comes and goes without a whisper of change, the snake-oil salesman merely adjust their calendars, and the suckers fall right in line.  In my mind, “Rapturism” is just another tool to keep people in a fear-based mindset and thus beholden to the ecclesiastical hierarchy.  It has nothing to do with the essential message of Christianity, and I suspect that most mainstream Christians would probably agree.   At least, nothing remotely like it was in the Bible I studied in Vacation Bible School as a kid (Southern Baptist upbringing, and all that).  What say you, dear Readers?