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Why some people are just too stupid to be allowed to vote

– Wiccapundit

Honestly, these mouth-breathers are so limited in intellect that they don’t know the difference between Keynesian and Kenyan?

I rather like Robert Heinlein’s proposal for improving the quality of the voting population:

A state that required a bare minimum of intelligence and education – e.g., step into the polling booth and find that the computer has generated a new quadratic equation just for you. Solve it, the computer unlocks the voting machine, you vote. But get a wrong answer and the voting machine fails to unlock, a loud bell sounds, a red light goes on over the booth – and you slink out, face red, you having just proved yourself too stupid and/or ignorant to take part in the decisions of grownups. Better luck next election! No lower age limit in this system – smart 12-yr-old girls vote every election while some of their mothers – and fathers – decline to be humiliated twice.

There are endless variations on this one. Here are two: Improving the Breed — No red light, no bell…but the booth opens automatically – empty. Revenue — You don’t risk your life, just some gelt. It costs you 1/4 oz. troy of gold in local currency to enter the booth. Solve your quadratic and vote, and you get your money back. Flunk – and the state keeps it. With this one I guarantee that no one would vote who was not interested and would be most unlikely to vote if unsure of his ability to get that hundred bucks back.

This rule would keep most liberal arts faculty members and all welfare entitlements recipients out of the voting booth, as it should.

Then again, what good is an informed electorate if the elitist bastards in Congress simply ignore the will of their constituents?

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4 Responses to “Why some people are just too stupid to be allowed to vote”

  1. Natalie says:

    Re: video. Oh. My. God.

    OK, I will ‘fess, I totally had to look up “Keynesian”, but I knew damn well it had nothing to do with where he was born. STUPID.

  2. How sad was that? And they were the ones with the signs that said liberal elitists were those who could spell, were well-read, etc. But we, the ones who actually can tell the difference between KENYAN and KEYNESIAN, are the backward hillbilly rubes.

    Orwell would be beyond appalled.

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