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There is hope for the next generation …

– Wiccapundit

I rarely listen to broadcast music.  I’m a total prog-head, meaning I love to listen to and perform progressive rock: Dream Theater, Rush, Yes, Symphony X, Jethro Tull, etc.  Most music on the radio bores me to tears.  But here is proof that young kids know where to find good music, at least some of them.  This also proves that there are legions of badass musicians in the world that nobody ever heard of – before YouTube.

In this video, a precocious 11 year old young lady absolutely crushes a version of Rush’s instrumental classic “YYZ” by herself on the keyboards.  As a longtime musician, I can tell you that this song is hard to play, even when performed by three top-notch musicians as Rush does.  That she does this song solo is mind-boggling, particularly her footwork.  The learning curve for this performance must have been staggering.

I’ve included a version of Rush doing the song so you can see just how accurately she performs this.  (As an aside, the song title refers to the Morse code airport identifier for Toronto – Rush’s hometown – and the opening percussion rhythm in 10/8 time mimics the sound you would hear if you tuned an aircraft’s navigation receiver to Toronto’s IATA code.)

When she finishes, you can see that she’s wearing a t-shirt of Rush’s first album.  Is this just killer, or what?


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14 Responses to “There is hope for the next generation …”

  1. c monster says:

    Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet, young Skywalker. 🙂

  2. Rush…now thats what Im talking about. I am somewhat concerned however that you neglect the masters of rock, Led Zeppelin, with regular frequency.

    I’m not so sure about there being hope for the future though. You do realize that she followed this up with an arrangement by the great composer P Diddy, right?

    And is it me, or do I hear the clear and undeniable influence of Chuck Mangione in this selection? Feels so good, anyone? Now there’s a classic….

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Zep was not mentioned not out of neglect, but simply because I wouldn’t classify them as progressive rock (as a genre – some of their tunes veer very close). Anything by Sean Combs is not music, and therefore doesn’t qualify. Chuck; definitely listenable (listen to Grant Geissman’s scorching guitar solo on “Feels So Good” – it made his career) but not prog.

      Prog rulz. Loves me some prog.

      The one and only time you’ll see the word “progressive” anywhere near me.

      • Re: Sirs Page, Plant, Jones, and Bonzo – Masters of all rock, my friend.

        Re: Sean “Puffy” Combs – Desnt know and a note from a “c” note, if you catch my drift.

        Re: Chuck – Gotta love that hispanic / funk / horn combo…nuff said.

        Re: Prog Rock; Rulz(orz)

        Re: Progressivism – Sux(orz)

        MC Master S Page Dawg. Peace out.

  3. Lemur King says:

    Dang! I love it when someone grabs an instrument and lets it go wild and then hangs on and continues to guide it. I liken it to the Fremen controlling a sandworm in Dune.

  4. Hey I am here from the Hookers and Booze blog..the guy that you would pay NOT to see in assless chaps. If you do not send a check, I will be on your lawn in all my assless chaps glory for all your neighbors to see.

    There is another great YYZ video on Youtube. Someone did a computer animated Neil Peart perfectly Check it out:

    One of the best weekends of my life was seeing Rush twice in one weekend. It was the Roll the Bones tour and they played Madison Square Garden Friday night and Saturday night. I saw both shows from almost the same exact seats. Good times.

    I also like when the Yankee travel to Toronto to play the Blue Jays. Getty Lee has season tickets and you can always spot him behind home plate with his round glasses.

    P.S. I like your blog!

  5. Curtal Friar says:

    Yeah, Rush was good. Not my favorite band, but they were definitely good.

    I was much more of a Southern Rock kinda guy. Still am. Lynyrd Skynyrd is still the greatest rock band there was, in my opinion. Course, I tend to really enjoy any rock with more of an acoustic sound. Hence, in my collection, you’ll find lots of Skynyrd, CCR, The Guess Who, and other bands of that nature.

    Favorite songs ever:

    The Ballad of Curtis Loew

    Run Through The Jungle

    No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Classic tunes all, Curtal.

      I’m not just a prog rock guy; in my collection I’ve got Miles Davis, Mandy Pantinkin (show tunes! ZOMG! – not that I’m gay – NTTAWWT), Beatles, Zappa, Johnny Cash, Bela Fleck, Beethoven (Berlin Philharmonic), Leo Kottke and on and on and on. The only constant about my musical taste is that covers just about everything. Except rap. Rap is not music.

      Except for Sir Mix-A-Lot. Dat shit’s da bomb.
      Bebbeh got back. Heh.

      • Curtal Friar says:

        Yeah, I hear ya about music. I have a wide range of interests as well.

        Johnny Cash was great, love most of his music.

        For classical, some of my favorite pieces are The Moldau by Smetana, Peer Gynt by Grieg, Slavonic Dances by Dvorak, Marche Slav by Tchaikovsky, and The Firebird by Stravinsky.

        I love old Blues and old Jazz music, especially but by no means limited to Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Ella Fitzgerald, and Charlie Parker.

        For country, I enjoy Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, the Charlie Daniels Band, and some others. Mostly here I enjoy older country, especially stuff that has a lot of lively fiddlin’. I like some modern country as well, Toby Keith is good, but nothing beats a good fiddlin’ tune, in my opinion.

        I also enjoy bagpipes (Irish and Scottish), Italian music, Greek music, Klezmer music, and some other international/ethnic stuff.

        Like you, I detest rap, but, uh, baby does got back, lol.

  6. Curtal Friar says:

    Clan Armstrong, on my great-grandmother’s side.

  7. Curtal Friar says:

    The Armstrongs apparently were border raiders, and pissed off both sides of the border. The English hated them for their “activities” across the border, and the Armstrongs eventually got thrown out of Scotland because of their feud with at least one other clan, and from Scotland, they settled in Ireland and then apparently moved en masse to America.

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