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Grow up.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

In which the ineffable Bill Whittle puts some effin’ knowledge to the OWS protestors:

h/t/ Captain Capitalism


Shut up, non-productive whiners. You can become anything you want to if you want it bad enough.

Friday, March 5th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

Whenever I hear people who have never accomplished anything complain about not having any opportunities, or claim they never had a chance, or that rich/handsome/talented people get all the luck,  I want to take them by the scruff of the neck and make them watch these videos.

The performer is the late Michel Petrucciani, who suffered from osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic condition that kept him 3 feet tall and 50 pounds as an adult.  Despite this physical disability, he became a ferociously talented and respected jazz pianist.   An article on him by The New Republic music critic David Hadju (which I have not been able to locate again), noted that as he entered a nightclub once, he yelled: “out of my way, motherf**kers.”   Apparently, he also loved sharing the joy of music with children.  Anyone that brash and that talented deserves to be remembered.

Another remarkable performance of his – a muscular and ass-kicking version of “Take the ‘A’ Train,” – is found here.  It features the legendary Steve Gadd on drums and Anthony Jackson on bass, who definitely do not suck.

Next is a video of the bluegrass group Mountain Heart.   What you may not notice at first is the banjo player, Barry Abernathy.  Around 3:09 on the video, you get a good shot of his unique playing style.  Why does he play in that unusual way?  ‘Cause he’s got no frickin’ fingers on his left hand! He was born without any.  And became a successful professional banjo player.  Damn.  Some people have ten fingers and struggle to play the radio.

Consider also the Belgian-born Gypsy-jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, who lost two of the fingers on his left hand when he was badly burned in a fire at age 18.  He went on to become a highly respected and prolific performer.  And who do you think was inspired by him to keep playing guitar after a serious and potentially career-ending industrial accident (on his last day of work!) injured his hand?  Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, who kinda got sorta famous after that.  So I hear.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can keep you from accomplishing what you want if you simply refuse to accept limitations.

So go out there make it happen.