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Occult means “hidden,” which is what this crap should be

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

Regular readers know the contempt in which I hold the “wannabe-witch” crowd; those who freely mix a few elements of Wicca with a dash of paganism and a dollop of, well whatever is “kewl” at the moment.  Like vampires. Thus, you get this abomination: shoes worn by lead character Edward Cullen in the sparkle-vampire megablockbuster movie Twilight.

This is Teh Ghey.    Note the mixed metaphors in the article:

Afraid you’re too unfashionable to be accepted into the local foppish goth coven?  Well I’ve got just the thing: Edward Cullen’s shoes!  Brand new from the Pyramid Collection (Myth, Magick, Fantasy & Romance) come these handsome dress shoes, perfect for a Ren Faire mixer or Wiccan prom.

Goth covens?  Wiccans?  In an article about fictional vampire fashion?  Does the writer have the slightest clue?  Uggh.

Besides, this whole sparkly vampire thing is just pathetic.  Vampires don’t go outside in the daylight, and they look like this:

not like this:

Via Ace.