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Gallery of the Intrepied – Student Leader

Friday, November 11th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

What kind of world do we live in when a young college student shows more fortitude and moral foundation than the elders who presume to administer the university he attends?  This young man takes a stand against a large group of students, many of whom try to shout him down and intimidate him.  He stands his ground, doesn’t shout, and makes a clear moral case for holding Penn State’s leaders accountable.

(h/t Ace)


Walking Away From Omelas

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

If you haven’t been following the Penn State-assistant football coach-child raping scandal, more than you’d want to know is here.  As for commentary on the support of the Penn State community for fired head football coach Joe Paterno, and the utter failure of anyone in a position of authority (much less those who witnessed the rapes and abuse) to do anything about it, probably the best take on it is here.  The term “Omelas” in the title of my blog post is explained in the linked post, and it is completely applicable.

These things should be simple.