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Attacking the Goddess

Friday, March 26th, 2010

– Sebastian Page

Here’s another thing that completely irritates me to no end. How is it possible for liberals to look  themselves in the mirror, given the outright hatred they seem to have for Sarah Palin? I mean, is this not the height of hypocrisy? Their outrageous and despicable behavior towards the Governor alone should have caused any remaining intelligent and honest people in the democratic party (okay, those two categories obviously cannot  exist simultaneously in a liberal…) to leave hastily with shame emblazoned on their faces.

Let me see if I have this straight. The democrats fancy themselves the party that champions the womens movement, do they not? Aren’t they the ones constantly harping about the “glass ceiling” and how women don’t get an even shake? Aren’t they the ones who virtually deify every  successful feminist author and corrupt female politician that can be possibly be drug from underneath their rocks? Every brain-dead, shrill troll they can find is put on a pedestal for their supposedly self-sacrificing (more like self indulgent) struggles in advancing the causes of women world-wide, as if these shrews are even remotely representative of normal women at all, much less globally symbolizing them. So what happened to Sarah? Where’s the love for this very accomplished and successful woman? Could it be because she made it on her own, without having to buy into your brand of social justice…that she didn’t need you to define her womanhood for her? (more…)