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I’m not a racist …

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

– Wiccapundit

… ’cause I know someone who lives down the street from someone who works with someone who voted for Obama.

Apparently, that’s sort of the argument being made by wealthy white liberal residents of Park Slope, an upscale enclave of Brooklyn.  You know the type: bankers, lawyers, etc.  A plan was introduced to put a magnet school in the area that would bring in approximately six hundred mostly black and Latino students.  One resident was not happy:

The woman insisted that she was concerned only about the menacing behavior of the students, not their race, and to prove it, she played the Obama Vote Card:

“By the way, I am an Obama Democrat. I love Obama. I would want anyone in his family living next door to me. I work mostly with people of color every day…”

I suspect those “people of color” she claims to work with tell their friends that they work with a “person of stupid.”

In the immortal words of Navin R. Johnson: “Sir, you are talking to a nigger!”  (The Jerk, 1979).

(h/t Legal Insurrection via Instapundit)


“Because, that’s why. Now shut up!”

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

One reason I grew weary of trying to hold an intelligent discussion/argument with most liberals I know is because they are, in the main, closed-minded and incapable of considering an opposing viewpoint, and frequently despise me for holding such a viewpoint.

Here, Ann Coulter takes liberals to task for this mindset, in language only the acerbic Ms. Coulter can muster:

What a Sack of Sacrosanct