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Offend a liberal

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

Saw this over at The Market Ticker and had to share it …

So a good military buddy of mine had an opportunity to get away from the Pentagon bureaucracy for a long weekend and brought his 6 year old son along to expose him to his first Pennsylvania hunting experience. It was an absolutely perfect weekend with junior learning all the trials and tribulations of a post opening day Pennsylvania white tail hunt as well as several teaching lessons involving gun handling (his Cabela’s plastic deer rifle with ejecting cartridges).

Recently spoke with my buddy to see what lasting impressions were left with junior and will we have another hunter in our future. This is when I was informed of juniors incursion with a liberal. It appears math, hunting and liberal teachers don’t mix. Junior’s first grade teacher had an assignment to use real world items to accomplish math such as if you have a pizza and cut it into four slices and give one away, what fraction of the pizza have you given away.

Since he’d recently been on a hunting trip and had four bullets in his toy gun he decided to submit the following…..”I had a magazine of four bullets, shot one and now have three. That means I used one quarter of my ammunition” Well the teacher did not feel this was appropriate and was offended. She sent this issue up the chain of command to her principle who then sent a letter to his parents explaining things like guns cannot be discussed in school.

Really, I can understand the sensitivity of this issue with the recent school shootings that have occurred in the past but the problem isn’t about talking about it, it’s about not talking about it and banning everything from children that may look harmful.

I can’t wait until next year, hopefully my buddy and his son will be back for another hunt that ends with a successful harvest. Hopefully juniors second grade teacher will ask some biology questions. He’ll be ready with a step by step process explaining field dressing and the following statement “Mam, you do realize meat with all it’s essential nutrients doesn’t wrap itself in plastic and jump into the local supermarket cooler” Yup, will probably be looking at private school after that!!

I’m always looking for a glimmer of hope we are not losing our country but once again, I’m not so hopeful. I remember a time when school was shut down for opening day and then the following conversations with the teachers was how everyone’s hunt went.

Please do me a favor and pass this on. Take your sons and daughters hunting so they’ll have a story to offend a liberal!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Is Your PC Red?

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

– Elphaba

Here’s the lasted Commie Tunes from Commie Blaster:

George Soros seems to pull the strings of the Obama administration…this postulates that he controls much of our information technology, as well, particularly Google (no surprise).   Apple and Microsoft apparently have similar political leanings, and are directly influenced by Soros’ “open society” (i.e., socialist) vision for the world.  Pay particular attention to part where Bill Gates is discussing ways in which to reduce the world population (this is particularly creepy): vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services (code words for abortion).  The abortion part, I get.  No babies = fewer people, if that is your objective.  But vaccines and health care are supposed to improve life expectancy, so WTF does he mean by that statement?  It sounds kinda sinister.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Own a home? Want to sell it? Too bad…you’re hosed.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

– Elphaba

We all knew it was coming, and as promised, The Cap and Tax bill is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate.   This legislation is ugly, folks; not that we’d expect anything less of our Congresscreeps.  Among the many draconian gems we can expect to have imposed from this legislation, the most economically disastrous one is this: you will not be able to sell your house.  As stated at Repubx:

  • In effect, this bill prevents you from selling your home without the permission of the EPA administrator.

  • To get this permission, you will have to have the energy efficiency of your home measured.

  • Then the government will tell you what your new energy efficiency requirement is and you will be forced to make modifications to your home under the retrofit provisions of this Act to comply with the new energy and water efficiency requirements.

  • Then you will have to get your home measured again and get a license (called a “label” in the Act) that must be posted on your property to show what your efficiency rating is; sort of like the Energy Star efficiency rating label on your refrigerator or air conditioner.

  • If you don’t get a high enough rating, you can’t sell. And, the EPA administrator is authorized to raise the standards every year, even above the automatic energy efficiency increases built into the Act.

The EPA administrator, appointed by the President, will run the Cap & Trade program (AKA the “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009”) and is authorized to make any future changes to the regulations and standards he alone determines to be in the government’s best interest. Requirements are set low initially so the bill will pass Congress; then the Administrator can set much tougher new standards every year.

This is glaringly unconstitutional, but that little fact will not deter the current runaway Senate.  What we are experiencing in the era of Hope and Change is the rape of the American economy.  It doesn’t seem to matter how loud we scream…all we manage to do is amuse Obama, and the hits keep coming. Disgusting.  Democrats need an ass whupping on a major scale, and as I’ve said before–November cannot come soon enough to suit me.


America, here’s your wakeup call!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

– Elphaba

A grateful H/T to LC Aggie Sith, over at  Hookers and Booze.  It is an interview with KGB expert Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the U.S. from the Soviet Union; he makes a strong case for the danger that is Communism, and how it is and will be affecting Americans, if people do not WAKE. THE. HELL. UP.

If you enjoyed this, share it around, and please visit  There’s a wealth of evidence and information over there.

And to you pie-eyed liberal dopes who think that Alinsky acolyte/Soros lapdog Barack Obama hung the moon, well: don’t say we didn’t warn ya, when they’re draggin’ your sorry, fool, ignorant, leftist ass off to the gulag.


The Treason of the MSM

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

– Elphaba

As a follow up to my earlier post about the false information in Obama’s resume, I present you with this follow up article.  Here’s an excerpt:

The White House directive was issued as part of a deal struck between the Office of the President and reporters of the mainstream media.

In exchange for being given unprecedented access to Barack Obama, reporters would promise not to report ‘certain matters’ they may discover while covering the President.

From Steve Clemons at The Washington Note:

What I have learned after discussions over the last several days with several journalists who either have regular access to the White House or are part of the White House press corps is that there is a growing sense that access is traded for positive stories — or perhaps worse, an agreement that things learned will not be reported in the near term.

What, exactly, is meant by ‘things learned?’  What information could a journalist uncover while having close access to the President that would be deemed so damaging, embarrassing, or even worse, that the White House is exhibiting a near-paranoia in making sure such information is not reported?

And more importantly, why would any true journalist who is worth his/her salt agree to such a scheme?

Clemons believes that part of the reason is that some reporters who cover the White House want to write books about Obama.

A ‘sell-out’ to the dreaded Capitalism on the part of liberals?  Say it ain’t so.

The agreement between the White House and reporters is mutually beneficial.  The White House gets what it wants.  Any information that it considers to be negative or damaging to Obama will not be reported.  The reporters also get what they want–unprecedented access to the President of the United States, which will help their careers and eventually earn them millions in book royalties.

In the meantime, what are the citizens not being told about Barack Obama?

Disgusting, isn’t it?


This ain’t your Granny’s Girl Scouts.

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Elphaba & Wiccapundit

Only a lefty-liberal would think that this is appropriate:

The sex guide explains, “…there are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex.  …some people like to have aggressive sex, while others like to have soft sex and slow sex with their partners.  There is no right or wrong way to have sex.  Just have fun, explore, and be yourself!”

This is advice printed in a brochure for young people who are HIV-positive, produced by Planned Parenthood, called “Healthy, Happy and Hot.” The brochure was distributed at panel for adolescent girls sponsored by Girl Scouts of the USA at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.  Just unbelievable.  When Elphaba was a Girl Scout, the only things that they taught her to rub together were two sticks to build a campfire!

This is part and parcel of the Left’s continuing efforts at hyper-sexualizing young girls in order to advance the agenda of relaxed sexual mores.  By doing so, a self-sustaining demand for abortion necessarily follows.  This kind of activity goes far beyond the providing of health information and veers radically into the territory of advocacy of sexual activity by children.  What do Leftists have to gain by this?  Besides creating more “business” for the for-profit Planned Parenthood, by eating away at the moral fabric of society, the Left creates a base of voters with disdain for responsibility, and thus a strong resistance to conservative – and hence, Republican – values.  It’s “cool” to be “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” and totally “uncool” to be celibate and responsible as a teenager or even pre-teen:

At a Girl Scout conference in 2004, co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the Girl Scouts handed out a brochure to 700 grade-school girls with the title “It’s Perfectly Normal,” a guide that celebrated masturbation and that featured explicit drawings of couples having sex and a boy putting on a condom. It also listed, no surprise here, the top ten reasons for having an abortion.

Concerned parents would be wise to vet the material their daughters are exposed to, and not assume that an organization as seemingly innocent as the Girl Scouts is, in fact, that.

Juliette Gordon Low is spinning in her grave.


Why does this not surprise me?

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

– Elphaba

Investigation Reveals Numerous Bogus Claims on Obama’s Resumé

I smelled a rat early on in the election, and I did my research.  Many voters, however, did not go to this trouble, relying instead on the media to do their research for them (um. …bad idea!).  This hoodwinking of American voters could never have been successful without the vile complicity of the Mainstream Media.  May they rot in Hades for it.


Wiccan Imbalance (We Make Stupak Look Good)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

– Sebastian Page
V Sebastian Page

Let’s face it, I’m an a**hole. Back in the day when I was a “sold-out, the whole route”, Bible-bangin’, both barrels blazin’, born again Christian, I had a real love for eschatology. But more importantly, I absolutely loved apologetics. For those not in the know, this is essentially the field of study that seeks to rationally and historically support the validity and truth claims of the Bible, and to a degree, the Christian perspective as a whole. Yeah, I was an ardent self-styled defender of the faith. Even now, although the religion and views may have changed, I remain very much the same.

But I have always had a knack of being especially critical of the group I belonged to first and foremost. It has always occurred to me that in terms of truth and ethics, we must always strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards if we are to be worthy of claiming our religious system, and more importantly, if we are to be ambassadors of it. In short, I’ve simply always felt that we must be not only able but eager to call BS in our own house, particularly before we consider any others. This is likely one of many reasons why I prefer to navigate the outer perimeter of the Wiccan community, because most within it tend to have strong reflexive reactions to any critical assessment of what we really are, rather than what we tell others and ourselves we are.

Wiccans have a lot of self-descriptors, most of them cribbed from a stack of neo-pagan books by modern day hippies and pseudo-intellectuals who seem to have opted out in getting a clue throughout life. Favorites tend to shift from time to time, with the currents of fashion occasionally sweeping us into new levels of understanding and communal “self-awareness.” You know, all that clap-trap. But as an example of how we fancy ourselves, let’s consider a few of these. Let’s see…we Wiccans are: nature-reverencing, goddess-worshiping, life-affirming, ecologically aware, tolerance-promoting, non-judgmental, and balanced. For any who’ve ever known a Wiccan or neo-pagan, you’ll agree that the last thing we are is balanced. We might hold it as an ideal, meaning a goal for which we strive (and we should), but in all honesty, we don’t really take it all that seriously (which is sad). But aside of the balance issue, another item from that list is the notion of being a “life-affirming” religion. I’ve always found that this is a somewhat preposterous description for this group claiming it, for one glaring and simple reason: Wiccans are almost exclusively sold out to the radical political left, and absorb without question virtually each and every one if its dogmas, including an absolute endorsement of the pro-abortion agenda. (more…)


Sarah Palin Interviewed By Larry King…

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

The Interview We Would All Like To See …