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Why a high-capacity magazine ban is pointless.

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

– Wiccapundit

Leftist gun-grabbers and mindless politicians like Diane Feinstein like to claim that banning high-capacity magazines will prevent atrocities like the Newtown shooting, because it decreases the shooter’s ability to fire many rounds in a short period of time.

In point of fact, that’s not true.  Here is a video of Jerry Miculek, setting a world record by firing twelve shots on target in under 3 seconds, from a 6-shot revolver with a manual reload!    That’s a cyclic rate of 240 rounds per minute, which is nearly half as fast as the cyclic rate of the Maxim gun (the world’s first self-powered machine gun) at 500 rounds per minute.  He can do this firing at 6 human-size silhouette targets, hitting all 6 with two bullets each.

Magazines? He don’t need no steenkin’ magazines!