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You suffer. But it’s good for you. Really.

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

I am often amazed that people who seem to lack the intelligence to put on underwear in the morning have a forum to share their stupidity with the world.

Lynn Mucken of MSN Money is just such a stupid person.

In Why you should love $5 gas, she lists the reasons that you stoopid proles should just be overjoyed at the prospect of paying a sawbuck for every gallon of the juice you pump into your SUGWV (Sport-Utility Global Warming Vehicle).

Reasons like, “you’ll get in shape,” because you’re walking the three blocks to the market instead of driving, and you’ll be bicycling to work.  Hey Lynn, I don’t live three blocks from the market; more like six miles.  Try walking a half-marathon distance round trip carrying your groceries.   My job is nearly sixty miles away – one way.  If I wanted to bike 100+ miles at a crack, I’d do the Ironman™ triathlon.   Just not every freaking day.

Another priceless reason?  “Shorter security lines at the airport.”  Right.  When everyone is reduced to subsistence farming to survive, those precious few who can still afford to fly will just breeze through security.

Lynn, when people are starving because $5.00/gallon fuel has driven food prices through the roof, I’m sure you’ll be one of the first to lose weight on the new forced-calorie-reduction plan.

Lynn Mucken is black-hole-stupid.  How stupid is that?

[Lynn Mucken] broke all known measurements for stupidity. It was unabashed stupidity. Dumber than grandpa’s claw hammer stupid. Stupid to the bone stupid. Blazing hot mid-day summer sun in Qatar stupid. So stupid it goes past mushrooms on the scale of stupid. It is stupid collapsed on itself – black hole stupid. The event horizon of her stupidity prevents so much as the beginnings of an idea or a rational thought to penetrate the singularity of stupid perched on the top of her emaciated torso. Her grasping to form an idea was some primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. Pulsar stupid, spinning like an insane dervish spewing more stupidity in one pulse than an entire galaxy of stupid, stupid. She emitted more pure stupidity per second than Congress emits in a year. Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by rational thought as to be beyond the ability of intelligent beings to classify it’s stupidity.

(h/t Neal Boortz)

That’s pretty stupid.

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All you need to know about gas prices.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

(h/t The Market Ticker)