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Yes, you CAN do anything – UPDATE

Friday, March 5th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

As an update to my earlier post, I thought I’d add a couple of other “overcome fantastic odds” stories.

Woman born with no arms becomes first pilot to fly plane using only feet

Jessica Cox suffered a rare birth defect and was born without any arms. The psychology graduate can write, type, drive a car, brush her hair and talk on her phone simply using her feet.  Ms Cox, from Tuscon, Arizona, USA, is also a former dancer and double black belt in Tai Kwon-Do.  She said: “I never say, ‘I can’t do that’. I just say, ‘I haven’t worked it out yet,'” said Jessica.  “Putting my hair in a pony tail and rock climbing are still on my list. Those rubber hair ties get me every time.”  She explained “I was born this way so I’ve just learned to adapt.”

Click on the embedded link at her name to watch a YouTube video of her flying.

And let’s not forget Rick Allen, drummer for the British metal band Def Leppard.  After losing his left arm in an auto accident, he designed an electronic drum kit and developed a unique style to compensate for his lost arm.  He and his bandmates, who admirably stuck with him and didn’t sack him for another drummer, ultimately went on to achieve their greatest commercial success with the album Hysteria, which went platinum 20 times.  I saw these guys a year or so ago, and even though some of them are in their 50’s, they rocked the joint like they were in their 20’s.