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It’s a swing… and A MISS!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


In Which Karl Denninger Jams Timmah Geithner Old Skool Style

Geithner apparently wrote an op-ed in the Fishwrapper of Record™ (NYT), trying so very hard to convince all of us that his actions have Saved the Economy.  Denninger, of The Market Ticker, meticulously fisks him, taking him to task on every one of his gaseous fabulations.  Here’s just one of the money quotes:

The economic collapse drove tax revenue down, pushing the annual deficit up to $1.3 trillion by last January.

$1.3 trillion eh?  Uh, that’s a lie too:

It was $1.3 trillion in calendar year 2008! In 2009, which is now in the books, it was over $1.6 trillion.

The more than $300 billion you stole from Social Security and Medicare counts, incidentally, and if you lied like this in a public company your ass would be sitting in a federal prison right now.

Oh, for the record, the numbers that went into that graph up above?  They’re yours!

Read the entire article.  It’s not long, and it’s worth every second you spend on it.


Proof that mega banks have no heart.

Friday, March 5th, 2010

– Elphaba

I came across this link today by way of Dave Ramsey’s Facebook page. Dave’s mantra is “say no to debt.” I agree with him; it is a boat anchor that will drown you if you aren’t careful, and it will sometimes drown you even when you are. As a result of Ramsey’s influence, we made the decision to never own a credit card again.  It’s tough when times are tight, but your soul is your own, and that is a nice feeling.

This YouTube video was made by Jackie Ramos, a former Bank of America customer service assistant in Kennesaw, Georgia, who was summarily fired for refunding onerous convenience fees, and for putting people on programs to help repay their debt. Keep in mind that BoA is an Obama bailout bank.  This is worth watching, and learning from:

The full transcript can be found at The Consumerist website.