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Why I no longer fly commercial airlines

Monday, October 18th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

Sometimes I think taking the bus would be more pleasant:

Pilot to TSA: ‘No groping me and no naked photos.’

After passing through the same checkpoint for five years commuting to work as an airline pilot, this unfortunate individual finally ran afoul of the TSA brownshirts.  He refused to allow the TSA to use the new-fangled scanner that produces a nearly photographic representation of an individual’s nude body.  He then refused to have a TSA minion grope him in an “opt-out secondary screening.”   Read the article to follow the pathetic reasoning of the mindless TSA drones who were “just doing their jobs.”

The money quote:

[The TSA investigator] then briefed me on the recent screening policy changes and, apparently confused, asked whether they would be a problem for me. I stated that I did indeed have a problem with the infringement of my civil rights and liberty.

His reply: “That’s irrelevant.”

Q: What does TSA stand for?  A: “They Stand Around”

Q: How many TSA agents does it take to hold the floor down?  A: All of them.

It’s only a matter of time before  passengers boarding aircraft are required to bend over and spread their ass cheeks for the TSA probe.

via Lew Rockwell