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If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, you can email me at wiccapundit at redstatewitch dot com  and I’ll try to answer them.

Q. – Are you really a witch?
A.Yes, really.

Q. – Are you really conservative?
A.Voted for Reagan twice; you betcha.

Q. – What is the difference between witches, pagans, and Wiccans?
A. –  Wiccans are  those who practice what is known as the Old Religion, and who usually refer to themselves as witches.  There are, however, those who call themselves witches who do not define themselves as Wiccan.  Pagans are a larger more-encompassing group that includes, for example, witches, Wiccans, Druids, Nordic traditions, Odinism, etc.

Q. – I thought pagans were all hippie throwback, liberal tree-huggers.
A.Some pagans I know have their cars plastered with bumper stickers like “My Other Car is A Broom ” and “Coexist” (using multiple religious symbols) or “Save the Whales.”  My bumper sticker says “SHAVE the Whales.”  Seriously, the more thoughtful pagans often refer to these flamboyant, in-your-face-we’re-different folks as “crunchy granola muffin-heads.”  The conservative pagans and witches I associate with are for the most part professionals, entrepreneurs, and “doers”: doctors, lawyers, teachers with advanced degrees, engineers, and small business owners, with the occasional law enforcement officer and ex-soldier.  In other words, the kind of people you might run into at a Tea Party.

Q. – What is the Rede?
A.Sort of the Wiccan equivalent to The Golden Rule.  The Rede in its abbreviated form says “An it harm none, do what you will.”  It is the guiding principle of living life in a thoughtful and responsible way.  Short and to the point, the way government ought to be.

Q. – Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
A.Only my wife and my hairdresser know. (Heh)  I am a good witch; bad witches don’t follow the Rede.

Q. – Boxers or briefs?
A.Robes are more my style.

Q. – You say you are male.  Doesn’t this make you a warlock?
A.“Witch” is a term for a male or female initiate of the Craft (Old Religion).  The term “warlock” is an epithet; a term of derision meaning an oathbreaker or traitor, and thought to be derived from the Old English term “waerlog.”

Q. – Do you hate Christians?
A.Not at all.  I am tolerant of those who are tolerant toward me.  (Sort of a circular arrangement, isn’t it?).  Many of my closest friends and family are Christian, and as long as people follow a faith that promotes a sound moral code and leave others alone, I’m fine with that.  Unfortunately, some of the most intolerant and hateful people I know are pagans that are always ranting about how intolerant and hateful Christians are.

Q.Do you believe in God?
A.Yes, but my concept of “God” is likely quite different from yours.  I see God as a duality of male and female, not as some old guy in a white robe with a long beard.

Q. – Do you look like a witch?
A.What does a witch look like?  Actually, if you didn’t know I was a witch, you would pass me on the street without having a clue.

Q. – Do you worship Satan or the Devil?
A.No.  That would make me a Satanist, not a witch.  Satanism is a turning upside down of the Christian faith.  Wiccan beliefs do not recognize a devil as the Christian religion does.  We do, however, have a Horned God who represents the Lord of the Hunt.  The image has more to do with putting food on the table and being productive than with any sinister subtext.

Q. – Do you dance around in the nude?
A.Only in the shower.

Q. – Do you do spells?
A.I won a spelling bee in grade school once.  I  guess you can say that I spell.

Q. – As a member of a “nature religion,” do you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming?
A.Do you mean what I call “weather?”  I’ll answer that when I get back from shoveling the four feet of snow off my front walk.

Q. – Aren’t all pagans vegetarian?
A.Some are, but I think that if the Goddess didn’t want us to eat animals, she wouldn’t have made them taste so good.  Besides, I believe in the immunizing power of bacon.