Friday, August 23, 2019 22:16

About Red State Witch

Whoever said that all pagans and witches had to be barking moonbat liberals?  Not this witch; I didn’t get the memo.  Yes, I said witch.  I am one.  An honest-to-God(dess), card-carrying,  initiated priest of the Old Religion.  Yes, I said priest.  The term “witch” is gender-neutral.

I have always been a Reagan conservative with (small “l”) libertarian leanings.  There are many more conservative pagans and witches out there than anyone would believe.  This is a site for pagans and witches who are right-of-center politically, and for those who are friends of us or interested in what we have to say.  This site is friendly to all religions that are tolerant of other religions.  We  don’t bash those religions here, and we respect their spiritual beliefs.   Islam, however… (after all, we are the original infidels).

While religion may be the subject of occasional posts and comments, this is primarily a political and cultural blog, with the occasional dash of stuff that’s funny and interesting to me.  The subject matter will address the issues of the day with intelligence, wry humor, and a smidgen dash dollop of snark.  And some eye of newt.  (Gingrich, that is.)