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Attacking the Goddess

– Sebastian Page

Here’s another thing that completely irritates me to no end. How is it possible for liberals to look  themselves in the mirror, given the outright hatred they seem to have for Sarah Palin? I mean, is this not the height of hypocrisy? Their outrageous and despicable behavior towards the Governor alone should have caused any remaining intelligent and honest people in the democratic party (okay, those two categories obviously cannot  exist simultaneously in a liberal…) to leave hastily with shame emblazoned on their faces.

Let me see if I have this straight. The democrats fancy themselves the party that champions the womens movement, do they not? Aren’t they the ones constantly harping about the “glass ceiling” and how women don’t get an even shake? Aren’t they the ones who virtually deify every  successful feminist author and corrupt female politician that can be possibly be drug from underneath their rocks? Every brain-dead, shrill troll they can find is put on a pedestal for their supposedly self-sacrificing (more like self indulgent) struggles in advancing the causes of women world-wide, as if these shrews are even remotely representative of normal women at all, much less globally symbolizing them. So what happened to Sarah? Where’s the love for this very accomplished and successful woman? Could it be because she made it on her own, without having to buy into your brand of social justice…that she didn’t need you to define her womanhood for her?

And while I am at it, I thought I was to understand that the left were the champions of diversity, are they not? Oh, wait a minute, it just occurred to me that this definition of diversity must not include the millions upon millions of conservative women in the US alone (among countless other groups who do not share their rabid ideology). It only applies to those who chant the preferred mantras and tow the line of the loony left. Shallow, emotional, and bitter sheep are welcome.  Intelligent, self-sufficient, and independent minded women of character need not apply. But really, this isn’t rocket science, now is it? The left despises Sarah not only because she is everything they claim to champion, or because she is everything they wish they actually were, but also because she is clearly symbolic of the fact that the last thing that real women need or should desire is the political left. They hate Governor Palin because they look to her beauty of mind, spirit, and body, and they are forced to see their own ugliness. Fearing that others too might see the same upon further reflection, they do what they do best…attack. In large part, it’s pure envy. That and the fact that her mere existence threatens the core of their dogmatic and vacuous crusades in that she presents a far more attractive alternative to anything they could possibly offer women.

Here is a woman who has strong family values (which the liberals hate), strong spiritual roots (which the left hates, mostly because those roots are Christian), was a self-made woman (which they hate because she is not indebted to any “womens” program or group), is remarkably intelligent (in contrast to liberal women who tend to be indoctrinated, more on this later…), and absolutely gorgeous to look at (as opposed to the ugliness routinely showcased by liberal women, no matter how physically gifted they might be).

Sarah Palin is, by leaps and bounds, the most desirable female candidate to have ever run for an office in the White House…bar none. And I’m not just talking about her smoking hot looks here. She also has the personality, the principles and the character which liberal women tend to completely lack.

In the last election, the left offered us two possible candidates: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. Both were junior senators who had plenty of experience in the sleazy world of dirty democratic politics, but absolutely no experience in actually governing (which, by way of explanation to liberal readers, is precisely what the President actually does). Governor Palin, on the other hand, did have experience in governing (Libs: that’s why they called her “governor”). Not only that, but she was very successful in that capacity, and well liked by the people across party lines.

Now bear in mind that Sarah was only on the ticket as a Vice Presidential candidate, not for the number one slot that these Senators were vying for. But nonetheless, they immediately recognized a threat far greater than John McCain, and both immediately and relentlessly dispatched subordinate minions to commence the continual demonization of one of our most beautiful political stars in at least recent history. One avenue of attack was that she was inexperienced, since she had only served a couple years as Governor (which was two more than either of the hostile candidates). There were charges of being in the pockets of “big oil”, despite the fact that she legislated to steer a sizable portion of the oil profits from Alaskan companies to benefit all state citizens. And then there were the clear insinuations that Sarah was simply too stupid to be in the White House. This determination was made by seizing any mistake she made, real or imagined, and relentlessly ridiculing her and portraying it to the public as an intelligence deficiency.

Haven’t we figured out this game of the left yet? Can you remember the last major conservative candidate that the left hasn’t tried to persuade everyone into believing that they were stupid? Let’s see…GW Bush, stupid. Bush senior, stupid. Reagan, stupid. And yes, Sarah Palin, stupid.  This has been highly effective for them, at least to a very significant degree. Its not because the characterizations are even remotely true, but because of a developed mastery of propaganda, which is the ability to manipulate stupid people.

The left loves to hate Sarah for no other reason than that stated above: her very existence on the political stage threatens to expose the lies they love. Now I want to make clear that I am not a Sarah-bot. I don’t expect her to be any sort of messiah, as the left does with Obama. I am fully aware that even the most promising conservative candidate could rapidly become a disappointment. I only see what can reasonably be seen, which is to say that she is most certainly not what the left would have us believe. And despite any flaws she may end up having (which are virtually non-existent at this point, at least from my perspective), she is clearly superior to any liberal woman in or out of office…and they know this. She has more class in the bunion on her left foot than they have in their entire twisted party.

So what do you say, libs? How about you ease off Sarah for a bit? Enough is enough.  She”s a woman, and obviously you are a sexist by constantly attacking her, right? And since you are so diverse, why don’t you take a diverse approach and listen to what the woman has to say from time to time, even though it may vary from your own delusional fantasies?

There are those pushing for a Palin Presidential nomination. Do I think she has a chance? At this point,  not really. But would I vote for her?

You betcha.


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6 Responses to “Attacking the Goddess”

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  2. Christine says:

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been screaming at the TV all the time because of the Lamestream media & the liberal left’s treatment of her. I was THRILLED to see her on the ticket and still think she’s great. Although I agree with you about her not being a very viable candidate at this point. The “Lamestream Media” has definitely ran her name down into the ground. I’m just glad she’s sticking this out and going to the Tea Parties!

    Thanks for everything on this site too! I’m a conservative Pagan, and very unpopular in my Pagan Community and my family because of it. I come from Southern California, so that should tell you everything! LOL!

    • Elphaba says:

      Welcome to RSW, Christine! We’re glad to have you here. I’ve lost some friends in our Wiccan community due to my political opinions, but I’m just not willing to drink the Kool-aid. The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that, when a Conservative disagrees with a Liberal, they think that the Liberal is misguided and wrong. When a Liberal disagrees with a Conservative, they think the Conservative is evil. Not a very tolerant bunch, for all their prattle. I’ve reached the point where I don’t lose much sleep over it; I want friends who have my back.

  3. Sorry to hear that you too find little welcome in your community. Kinda busts the whole myth of pagan inclusiveness, doesnt it? And then again, SOCAL isnt exactly easy on the conservatives…
    Chin up! Take pride in your independent mind. Far better to be a solitary woman of intelligent conviction than one in a group of bitter and thoughtless sheep. There is honor in a principled path, particularly at those times when you must walk it alone.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Well said as always, Sebastian. I wish that more Wiccans lived a THOUGHTFUL spiritual life. Too many seem to cloak themselves in the form of The Path, but not the substance.

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