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Don’t go to Harvard for the math department…

– Wiccapundit

“Well, a lot of those folks, your employer it’s estimated would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent [sic], which means they could give you a raise.”–President Obama in Strongsville Ohio, March 15, as quoted on the White House Web site

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Gee, is it just me, or is the math off on this just a bit?  I mean, I’m not Hahvahd-educated and all Supah Smaht like Teh Prezident, but a 100% reduction in premiums would reduce your premiums to zero, right?  So how much is the insurance company going to pay you to insure you?

Can this guy be any more ignorant than he seems to be?  As Elphaba informs me, that is a scary question.

Here’s the clip, if you can stand to gaze upon the blinding stupidity:


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5 Responses to “Don’t go to Harvard for the math department…”

  1. cbullitt says:

    I could use a 3,000 percent raise…but then I’d have to work in Gubmint.

    I stole the cartoon–not working in Gubmint, I had to.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Maybe Obama is a genius, and should have won the Nobel prize in mathematics. After all, he has taught the world the meaning of “kazillionty-jillion”.

  2. […] Obama’s New Math™ has proved you might want to look somewhere other than Harvard for your higher education needs.  Don’t go to Harvard for the English department, either, apparently. […]

  3. MathPhd says:

    there’s no math error here. he meant employers now are paying 30 times the premiums they would pay post-reform. it’s a strange formulation, but makes sense once you restate it in plainer terms.

  4. Jayne says:

    AKAIK yovu’e got the answer in one!

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