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Gallery of the Intrepid

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From the archives of AOPA, the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association, comes this story of a man who didn’t let a life-changing accident stop him from fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Logan Flood was a commercial cargo pilot building time toward his goal of becoming an airline pilot.  He suffered second- and third-degree burns over most of his body after an early-morning crash in icy weather.  He lost all or part of every finger of his right hand, and his contact lenses had melted onto his eyes.  He was given a 13% chance of living, but he survived and recovered from his injuries.

He resumed flight instructing six years after the accident, but believed that flying for the airlines was out of the question.   When one of his flight students encouraged him to try anyway, he obtained a “statement of demonstrated ability” medical waiver from the FAA, and applied to several airlines.

He now flies regional jets for Republic Airlines.  His flame-scarred face sometimes causes people to stare at him in airport terminals.  But some people do understand:

A flight attendant told him one passenger took her aside to ask whether Flood had been injured in an aircraft accident.

When the flight attendant said yes, the passenger asked her to relay a message.

“Tell him he’s got guts,” the passenger said. “Tell him I admire him.”

I’d fly with him any day.


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