Wednesday, July 24, 2019 00:21

Caribou Barbie

– Elphaba

Oh, but I do love me some Ray Stevens!


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2 Responses to “Caribou Barbie”

  1. James S. says:

    Cool! I had no idea Ray Stevens had conservative leanings. I am in wait-and-see mode with Sarah Palin. While I KNOW she is not the person the MSM tries to make her out to be, I am not sure she can live up to the hype some of her fans want her too. I also kinda think she would make a better replacement for Michael Steele than President right now. One good conservative in the White House doesn’t do a whole lotta good if she isn’t backed up by a plurality of conservatives in Congress.

  2. Elphaba says:

    James, if you liked that one, you’ll enjoy this one as well:
    It’s a song that Ray wrote called “We the People”.

    I think Sarah Palin is a lot more qualified than people give her credit for. I don’t know that she’ll run for president, but I do think she’ll do everything within her power to get Obama and the liberal Congress tossed out on their asses, because she really does care about the fate of our country.

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