Saturday, September 21, 2019 13:22

My quadrennial Tarot reading and Presidential election prediction spectacular!

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The last two Presidential elections, my Tarot reading/prediction has been awful.  Then again, the Republican candidates were awful, so there’s that explanation.

Here are the questions, the cards I drew, and my interpretation/prediction:

Will Trump win the election?  Three of Wands. This card is about expanding on success, looking ahead to new challenges, and building on strengths. While a forward-looking card, it tends to be about watchfulness, readiness, and even wariness. Great success rarely comes looking for you; instead, you must blaze your own path. Prediction: Trump wins the election.

Will he win the popular vote? Ace of Coins (Pentacles). This card indicates a fresh start, or a new opportunity. Enthusiasm will get us going in the right direction.  Prediction: Trump wins the popular vote by a comfortable margin. I would say a large margin, but I have to factor in the fraud factor that will shave off a few percentage points from an obvious landslide.

Will he win Pennsylvania? Queen of Swords. Wisdom gained through painful experience is the hallmark of this card.  Will Pennsylvania exhibit wisdom gained through the painful experiences of its steel and coal industries and vote Republican this time?  I think so.  Prediction: Trump takes Pennsylvania.

Will he win Ohio? Ace of Swords. This card relates to the arrival of a new idea, or the moment of inspiration when we see the world in a different way, including the exhilaration of the prospect of change.  Prediction: Trump takes Ohio.

Will he win Michigan? The Lovers. This Major Arcana card is the one of joy, happiness, and satisfaction.  It can also indicate the need to make a difficult choice. Prediction: Trump takes Michigan.

Will his Electoral College total top 300? The Chariot. The card of control through sheer force of will.  Who does that sound like? Drive and ambition can achieve great success. Prediction: Trump’s Electoral College total will top 300.

The cards were drawn from The Victoria Regina Tarot, the deck I use for most readings.

We will know tomorrow night if judged the portents correctly.  For comparison, my gut tells me yes.  For the last two elections, I predicted a Republican win, but my gut did not agree.  I was clearly trying to whistle past the graveyard and engaged in wishcasting.  Not this time.  It just feels … right.


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