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“Spirit Cooking?” What a crock of shite.

Wiccapundit –

The latest sludge to come out of WikiLeaks about the Democrats is the story of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta participating in supposed “occult rituals” called “spirit cooking,” which are alleged to be part of the Thelemic practice created by Aleister Crowley. Some misguided Internet commenters are referring to this a “Wiccan practice.”

What a load of shit.

Believe me, as a long-time witch, Wiccan priest, and occult practitioner, I can assure those who are not familiar with the occult that this disgusting crap has nothing to do with witchcraft or Wicca.  This load of manure is nothing more than attention-seeking boundary pushing by a self-styled “performance artist” whose craving for approval by the “edgy-and-transgressive” crowd of pseudo-elite Acela corridor fellow travelers pushes her to perform these stunts.  These people get the same frisson of pleasure being outside the bounds of respectability that they would feel by wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party.  They like to freak out the mundanes and to assure themselves that they are above it all, unbounded by any rules of taste, character, or restraint.  For historical precedent, see, e.g., Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club, where 18th Century British High Society rakes would ridicule religion and take part in socially-perceived immoral acts “meant to shock the outside world.” (Ref: Infogalactic).

The ringleader of this modern suppurating pustule of liberal elite filth claims that if this practice is performed in an art gallery, it is merely “performance art” but if performed in private it is “intimate and spiritual.”  Right.  Just like jerking off in the bathroom is merely self-pleasuring, but doing so in a public park will get you arrested for public indecency.

By the way, “occult” simply means “hidden.”  Only Mormons with a “Temple recommend” are allowed to attend services inside the Temple in Salt Lake City.  These religious rituals are not open to outsiders (i.e., non-Mormons), therefore, they are “occult.”

Does that freak you out?


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