Thursday, July 18, 2019 20:10

RANT: I’m DONE with “moderates” and “undecideds”

Wiccapundit –

I’ve about had it with lame, low-information dipshits that proclaim to be “undecided” voters, or worse, “moderates.” We have a stark choice before us: Trump or Hillary. There are no other choices.

Get over the butthurt if the candidate you totz wanted didn’t get selected.  At this diner, you only get two choices: chicken or fish, coffee or tea, chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream.  You don’t get to hold out for meatloaf, Coke, and pistachio ice cream.

The choice is Right or Left. Never in an American presidential election in recent memory has the choice been so distilled to clarity.  Close the border or open the border. Support support American workers or support the globalist banksters. Preserve the Second Amendment or drastically restrict firearms ownership. America for Americans, or America for every Tom, Dick, and Muhammed that wants to slouch onto our shores.

If you haven’t made up your mind by now, you’re either: (a) not paying attention, in which case you don’t deserve to have the franchise; or (b) stupid.

For those who have decided, I’ve decided that there are five kinds of people who support Hillary and the Left:

  1. the ideological True Believers, who think that this time we’ll finally get Socialism right;
  2. the suckups whose living depends on their Iron Gravy Bowls (in Bill Quick’s memorable phrase) and sensing that the opportunities for patronage will be greater under Hillary than under Trump;
  3. the venal, the apparatchiks who know the whole Leftist scheme is a scam, but who want to be in charge;
  4. the “team” people, the same kind who cheer for USC or Michigan football, but never went to either college; the “I’m a Packers fan” who has never set foot in Wisconsin, but just wants “their team” (the Democrats) to win; and
  5. the single issue idiots, the kind who’ve never had an abortion, wouldn’t want their daughter to abort their grandchild, who can’t even have children anymore due to age, but MUST preserve the Holy Sacrament of abortion on demand, because MY BODY!!!!!

Sometimes I harbor the fantasy that Hillary wins, and all the brainless sots who voted for her get it good and hard in the ass. Unfortunately, I have to go along for that ride, which I’m not inclined to do.

Better make this one count, America. It’s bottom of the ninth, down by three, bases loaded, full count. Here comes the pitch . . .

Swing for the upper deck.


3 Responses to “RANT: I’m DONE with “moderates” and “undecideds””

  1. Imadenier says:

    I agree, but remember the rule of three…

  2. Vince says:

    We get the government we deserve – except, a lot of us get the government someone else deserves. Normally I vote libertarian but I’m kind of disgusted with Johnson, and frankly the risk is just too high. Even in my state which will almost certainly go for the most corrupt politician ever. I still have to vote against her rather than for someone I think might be okay (there aren’t any of those this time) so Trump it is. I don’t think he’ll be nearly as bad as some, but I don’t hold any illusions that he’ll acomplish much to benifit the Conservative (small government) agenda. I hope I’m wrong and he manages to roll back some of the regulatory strangulation that’s killing our economy.

  3. cmblake6 says:

    Indeed. Do you love your freedoms here in America? I mean, the ones you DO have left? One option.

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