Thursday, July 18, 2019 20:15

Change to the header

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Some of you may have noticed the change to the motto in the header of this site.  It used to say “Pagan AND conservative. Yes, really.”  However, while I may be conservative in my political outlook (as opposed to progressive), I no longer refer to myself as “a” conservative, mainly because those who were charged with BEING conservative in positions of political power never actually, you know, CONSERVED anything.  Those who have claimed for themselves the mantle of “true conservatives” have made an absolute dog’s breakfast of the Republic the Founding Fathers bequeathed us.  I have found that the voices in the Alt-Right camp speak to me more eloquently than the so-called Social Conservatives or Fiscal Conservatives do.

Seriously, when have the Social Conservatives actually preserved any of our actual culture, and when have the Fiscal Conservatives done anything significant to roll back the Leviathan State?

“Take me out, to the Black, tell ’em I ain’t comin’ back.”

UPDATE: I changed the header slightly to Pagan AND Right-Wing, because it flowed better.  I still consider myself Alt-Right in outlook, but some people haven’t gotten up to speed yet on what that entails.


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  1. Retired Spook says:

    Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re back! Missed you!!!

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