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Some thoughts on achievement by Dave Grohl.

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People who have never slaved over the development of a talent always seem to think that is comes easily.  “Why, I could write the Great American Novel, I just haven’t gotten around to it.”  I know several well-known authors, and they write for up to eight hours every day, because it’s their job.  I like Dave Grohl’s take on the Culture of I-Am-Now-Famous Because Some Celebrity Said I Am and the Audience Voted for Me:™

When I think about kids watching a TV show like American Idol or The Voice, then they think, ‘Oh, OK, that’s how you become a musician, you stand in line for eight fucking hours with 800 people at a convention center and… then you sing your heart out for someone and then they tell you it’s not fuckin’ good enough.’ Can you imagine?” he implores. “It’s destroying the next generation of musicians! Musicians should go to a yard sale and buy an old fucking drum set and get in their garage and just suck. And get their friends to come in and they’ll suck too. And then they’ll fucking start playing and they’ll have the best time they’ve ever had in their lives and then all of a sudden they’ll become Nirvana. Because that’s exactly what happened with Nirvana. Just a bunch of guys that had some shitty old instruments and they got together and started playing some noisy-ass shit, and they became the biggest band in the world. That can happen again! You don’t need a fucking computer or the internet or The Voice or American Idol.  –

Dave Grohl

Something to ponder.


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