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When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

– Wiccapundit

Man threatens wife with murder.  Wife reports man to police.  Police arrest man at local motel in possession of firearm, and while booking him, discover that there is a court order of protection against him.  Police obtain copy of order and physically serve him with it while at the jail, ordering him not to contact his wife.  Man bonds out of jail at 1:27 PM and heads straight to wife’s house.  Wife calls 911 at 1:38, while husband is trying to break down the door to her house a mere eleven fucking minutes after getting out of jail.  Police take 4 minutes to arrive, during which time the wife has shot the man to death while he was in the house.

Does the Take-Back-The-Night™, Just-Say-No™, Grrl Power™, but usually anti-gun crowd begrudge this woman the ability to defend herself against her psycho husband?

As the saying goes, I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy to carry and the donut bill will bankrupt you.


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  1. ml says:

    The permanent response of the anti-gun crowd, at least in my part of the world, seems to be to start talking about how rare those cases are (very rarely are any statistics offered) and how more often the guns are a problem, and go to the usual ‘but’ mode. But if she had moved. But if the judge would have done this or that. But there should be a law. But if we give more resources to the police. But would he have really hurt her if she hadn’t shot, how could she presume, he would probably not have done anything serious until the police got there… and now the poor man is dead and a life has been lost, horrible. And hey, if he had kept the gun – see! see! it would so much better if nobody but the police had guns.

    They can always but if their way out of any real life proof in a way which satisfies them, if not those of us who are not true believers. I still think we should keep offering as much real life proof as possible when possible. You can’t win over true believers (or probably those who have gotten tied up with those movements for other reasons, like if most of their friends are in them) but there is always hope for getting some of the fence sitters, or people who have just never really thought about the whole thing but are just going with what seems to be the consensus. Or at least to raise some doubts in the minds of those individuals. Enough proof will eventually tip at least some of them over.

    And that seems to have been a successful strategy for the left. They keep harping and yelling all the time, and loudly, and get people to believe them just because the onslaught is so constant. That illusion of consensus – if everybody else seems to believe something, and it’s what you mostly see in the media it’s easy to start doubting your own opinions, and sometimes even your own eyes.

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