Friday, August 23, 2019 13:17

Hey! He can’t say that, can he?

 – Wiccapundit

“My name is Paul Weston, and I’m a racist.”


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One Response to “Hey! He can’t say that, can he?”

  1. FX Phillips says:

    I think I’m in the same boat.

    I believe in enforcing our immigration laws and not giving a pass to the politicians and bureaucrats who summarily ignored those laws so they could try and change the cultural composition of this country by importing more clients for government largesse. To be for the rule of law is now racist

    I believe in the founding documents that place limitations on the national government and leave most of the heavy lifting to the states, localities and people as to their well being. To point out the national government has no mandate to involve itself in these matters is racist and greedy.

    I observe that Islam is not a religion but an imperialist, supremacist, totalitarian socio-politcal system with a thin veneer of religiosity that promotes the violent over throw of all that is not Islam I’m labeled an “Islamophobe” when the only people showing anything resembling a phobia are the Islamist savages and their leftist apologists who throw such dubious slurs.

    I point out the actual harm that affirmative action and liberal infantilization of minorities and their apologies and blame shifting for the behavior of those minorities and I am veritably a klansman. Even though such coddling has produced generational poverty, high crime, poor educational outcomes, epidemic bastardy and the destruction of the black male all for the purpose of keeping those communities stupid and dependent on an “altruistic” and “benevolent” government to say so is racist.

    I observe that a woman’s choice happens before she gets in the back seat with some guy;that if she wants “healthcare” in the form of reproductive suppressants that she budget and pay for it like she does her appletinis and shrimp cocktail on a Friday night before that afore mentioned backseat romp; that the educational establishment is setup to cater to girls and women’s success ;that when all factors are accounted for the wage gap disappears and I’m a misogynist.

    I insist that the definition of marriage not be changed to accommodate something that isn’t marriage and give them a vessel that has all the legal aspects they claim they want but they reject it because their goal and the goal of their secular “liberal” champions is the discreditation of religion in general or make the obvious observation that once the biology is taken out of it the line drawn between whom and how many may be married in any one arrangement is necessarily arbitrary I’m a homophobe.

    I guess the charge of racism, sexism and Islamophobis now means stating observable truth.

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