Thursday, July 18, 2019 19:30

“The doctor said I would be like a vegetable. You can see me now. You know that is bullshit.”

– Wiccapundit

Americans like to have everything easy, and we want it fast.  Go to any martial arts dojo (particularly the ones offering “after school programs”) and watch the parents come in to inquire about classes.  “How long will it take for my kid to get his black belt?”  Notice: not EARN a black belt; GET a black belt.  The proper answer from the dojo owner should be: “as long as is necessary.”  The actual answers usually are something along the lines of “___ # of classes” or “a minimum of ___ months.”  This is code for “your kid won’t be getting a REAL black belt, but you want him to have a Participant Award and we’ll suck the money out of you as long as we can, and when it looks like you’re about to pack it in, we’ll let the kid test for his black belt, even though it will be completely worthless and any real martial artist will know it.”

We don’t want challenges, we want results and we want them RIGHT NOW dammit!

We want to use the cheat code to get to the next video game level, because “I can’t seem to get past this level.”

We want to lose weight and get in shape by eating shite and watching Jane Fonda workout videos while sitting on the couch.

Do you want to know what a real workout looks like?  Try going to the gym, racking the plates on the bar, and doing your lifting – with Cerebral Palsy.

If you watch this and you are not inspired to get your ass in shape RIGHT NOW, you are a pussy.

Don’t be a pussy.

(h/t Captain Capitalism)


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