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Whither the Republic

– Wiccapundit

Quick thoughts on the fiasco:

Those who voted for four more years of this will get exactly what they want, and what they deserve.  Unfortunately, we will be riding the downside shit roller-coaster with them.  Also, they will never learn from the consequences of their actions.  By voting the way they did, by definition they are incapable of understanding cause-and-effect.

My Tarot reading was completely FNORD.  Note to self: do not do divination for self when you are seriously interested in the outcome.  “Expectation bias” was in full play, and my reading was just as far off as it was four years ago.  (Perhaps I should do divination in the stock market and buy the opposite of everything I think I should – I’d make a fortune.)

It’s going to get ugly.

What are the alternatives?  Go Galt?  Hunker down and follow Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World?”  Gird the loins and re-enter the fray to fight for what we believe in?   All or some of the above?

What are your thoughts, dear readers?


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12 Responses to “Whither the Republic”

  1. kerry says:

    all of the above? i don’t know, either. i’m still in shock.

  2. Glockwood says:

    I’m of the “hunker down” John Galt mentality. Started preparing a year ago and I’m just going to pick up steam. Unite with like minded people. Take care of yourself. Drop out of the economy. Go underground. When the takers can’t find any more producers they’ll have to start eating each other.

  3. CBMTTek says:

    My recommendation:
    The House should fully support Obama in his second term.
    Raise taxes on the “rich” by 3-5%. Is it right? No. Will it help? No, but it is what the voting public want to see, so do it.
    Same with corporate and capital gains taxes. Kick them up. Forget fiscal sanity, do what the President wants. It is what the voter is asking for.
    Debt? Got ahead. Push it up to $22T, why not. Stimulus spending is what the voting public wants, represent them appropriately.
    Cap and Trade, you bet. Send it to the Senate and get the Dems to declare how wonderful the world will be now.

    Give the dems and the socialists in the US exactly what they want, and do so, explaining fully that you disagree with it, you see a very adverse outcome, but you will defer to their analysis rather than stick to your own.

    And, when the situation gets significantly worse, and the budget for food stamps starts running out, and social security ends up broke 20 years earlier then expected, and death panels end up the norm, then the GOP can say, with a clear conscience, “We tried that plan, and it is TONS worse then what the Republicans have been offereing.”

    Make the Cloward Piven strategy work for us.

  4. JAFO says:

    I think it’s going to require a bit of AOTA… and going Galt is starting to look *REALLY* appealing.

    They want to live off my dime, eat and be merry off the sweat of my brow?

    Eff ’em. I work for me, and mine.. all others can pound sand.

  5. Erinyes says:

    Cash is king in my world now. If I could, I’d work ONLY for cash and pay no more taxes. I’m tired of bailing out everyone else’s asses by working six to seven days a week.

  6. ml says:

    Maybe some of you might find this interesting. I used Titania Hardie’s ‘Good Fortune’ (westernized I Ching, amusing and perhaps overly optimistic – every reading is presented in the most positive light) just before the election to cast the coins three times (I usually cast more than once for every question – if every time gives something different I just figure I’m not going to get a good answer, if the majority all to point to a similar conclusion I figure the results are more reliable – and that system seems to work surprisingly well).

    First time I got 59, Wind Rippling the Sea – success comes through a flexible attitude to others. Second 7, Battle, which talks about the need for good organization (Orca, anyone?). Third, 36, The Darkening Day, with moving lines 2, 5 and 6 – 2, any insults you receive won’t be fatal, 5, a truly stressful moment but don’t yield to someone who wants you to compromise your principles and 6, it looks like a tyrant will succeed but they will vanish without a trace. 36 turned to 9, A Child with Power, which I have gotten a couple of times before in connection to Ryan. General feel, to me, was that Romney will lose, maybe Ryan can succeed in some future date, in some way.

    And general question about the future of USA the next day: 10, Act like a Child, with changing lines 4, dangerous situation but be ready to move forward, and 6, which talks about hard work coming to an end, but those lines change it to 60, Overspending.

    And when the question was ‘will they do better next time?’ (I’m not an American, I live in Europe, but I think your country may be the last and best hope we have – or just the only one, everyplace else looks even worse): 33, Keep it Simple (success comes from small projects), with changing line 1, significant moment, you are most exposed to risk, the best option is to keep very still and quiet, changing it to 6, A Shower of Rain, fortune comes from finding a new strategy.

    I don’t know. Not very positive, are they? So unless GOP changes a lot they will keep on losing? Keep an eye on Ryan, he may come through on some later date? At least he’s still fairly young.

    When I divine my hitting average seems to be at its best somewhere around 50 % sort of right doesn’t matter what system I use, and usually it’s lower, so make of those what you will.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed comment. Your reading seems to be pretty accurate to me. Reviewing my card spread again, it appears to me that I could have read it 180 degrees differently and have been exactly spot on.

      I read often for others, and I have been told that I am a very good reader. For myself, not so much. Too close to the subject to have accurate perspective, I suppose.

      Thanks for stopping by the site. We hope you’ll come back and comment often.

      • ml says:

        Thank you. I will.

        Are you familiar with Sarah Hoyt’s blog, ‘According To Hoyt’? I hang there quite a lot. She has, during the last days, written a lot about what options you have left.

        I agree with her with this one, it fits with what I have seen happening in my own country during my lifetime – if you want to stop your country in its slide towards full blown statism, one thing you need to do is to get entertainment, or at least a good part of it, away from the liberals. The stories we tell rise from our culture, but they also shape our culture, and right now most of those stories are told by people who either believe in what the Left is selling, or at least go along because trying to oppose might be bad for their careers.

        The other two biggies are education and news. But in some ways entertainment may be a bit easier case for ordinary individuals to affect, there are beginning to be some alternatives, search them out and give your money to the best ones so that they can grow.

        My theory is that one reason why pro-gun activists have been able to gain lost ground back in your country may be because guns are one thing which is often presented as ‘cool’ even in the stories told by the most staunch flaming liberals (well, and you have lots of very active people working for that, but one thing the idea ‘guns – cool’ does probably do is to make it easier to get new converts to that cause). Might work for other things too. You need to change your culture back to something that supports your original values, not the socialist ones.

        Of course those are all long term projects. When it comes what you might be able to do that might change things right now, no ideas.

        • Wiccapundit says:

          I’m not familiar with Sarah Hoyt’s blog, but I will check it out. I agree that the troika of entertainment, news and education are firmly in leftist hands, and that must change.

  7. Sebastian Page says:

    Intelligent planning seems to be the order of the day (or the next four years, at least), but I’m not about going Galt. The GOP needs to reassess, and start getting smart about things like the politics of pandering to demographics. I despise the thought of sacrificing integrity, but the modern reality of dirty politics needs to become fully accounted for, and some serious counter-strategies need to be developed and put into play. And for cryin’ out loud, we need to start putting forward some aggressive candidates who can successfully call things as they are, instead of being timid.

    Pointing clearly to the lies of the left, the consequences of their policies, and how they play one group against the other, this is the beginning of getting our act together. I also tend to agree with those who say we need to bring in the Latinos, a natural conservative constituency…promise amnesty (one LAST time) in exchange for serious border control, explaining fully the threat of illegal immigration. Stress the commonality of conservative traditional values and those of Latinos. Do this, and it becomes difficult for a liberal to win.

    This election was the fault of the dirty liberal left, who cannot win without dishonesty and corrupt politics. But this was also the fault of Americans, who have strayed so far from concepts of individual responsibility and intellectual integrity. It is a condemnation of declining American character.

  8. Reginald says:

    Go easy on yourself. To listen to Obamabots, this was a landslide. But it came down to about 2.5% of voters in a bunch of states. The nation is nearly split down the middle, the worst outcome for a democracy.

    Romney could have and should have won, but so should Dole have won in 96. America voted for an everyman with no principles and, after four years, still no experience.

    I’d love to say we will get em next time, but the bench is thin.

    On the bright side, the GOP owns a little less than half of state governments, even those that went wide for Obama. Romney overcame his Mormon problem but couldn’t shed the rich guy problem. He did well, but he screwed up. He should have put the Supreme Court and courts in general in play. Instead, he wasted time on nonsense issues.

    If the GOP wants to win in the future, it has to find a way to win the Midwest. It doesn’t have to go down on unions, but it can’t be down on unions.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      The Tarot reading was way off, because I was looking for a way to find a silver lining in a cloud-filled lay of the cards. I still believe I was too close to the issue, and I read the way I wanted it to be, not the way my intuition told me to see it. I am a better reader than that. I still do divinations for myself when preparing a working, but divining political questions is too fraught with expectation bias for me to ever feel confident in that again.

      Thanks for your comments.

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