Saturday, September 21, 2019 13:12

Fuck mohammed the Pedophile (pork be upon him)

– Wiccapundit

WARNING:  The gloves are off on this one, and if your constitution or sensibilities are weak, don’t read it.

I like to think of myself as a relatively tolerant person.  Live and let live, and all that.  This latest manufactured islamic rage is the end of it for me, at least with regard to muslims.  And yes, the words “islam”, “muslims”, and “mohammed” are all written lower case in this post intentionally.   These animals do not deserve even the minimal honor of capitalization.

I have no intention of kowtowing to barbaric, Dark Age cretins who threaten to kill us because we have the audacity to mention that they are violent.  Oh, that’s right.  They don’t “do” irony in the Middle East.

We have a First Amendment.  It means something.  Actually, it means a hell of a lot.  President Ben Dover doesn’t seem to understand that.   The First Amendment is meant to protect speech that is disagreeable.    Nobody cares about speech that is happy, hearts-and-flowers, Kumbayah drivel.

Question for Leftists everywhere: would it be OK if I created an “art” exhibit with a photo of the prophet submerged in urine and called it “Piss mohammed?”  I don’t seem to recall any upset stomachs among the Leftist intelligentsia when Andres Serrano did the same thing with a crucifix and called it “Piss Christ.”   Probably because Christians were not inclined to hunt him down and hack his head off.

The words to remember are these: lan estaslem.  I will not submit.  And hear me you followers of a backward, pseudo-religious, totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion:  I will never stop saying that your prophet (bacon be wrapped around him) was an asshole who liked to fuck little girls (and probably a goat or two).

UPDATE:  Obama is still a Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure.  (Thanks to Ace for that continuing gem.)



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32 Responses to “Fuck mohammed the Pedophile (pork be upon him)”

  1. Cheryl says:

    I couldn’t have said it better!!

  2. Michael Westen says:

    Outstanding site. I love it.
    Ok, let me just say this… The jihadist muslims burning down our embassies and killing our people listen up: Prophet Mohamed was a dog, a piece of shit, just like you. If mohamed was alive today I’d punch his teeth out and face fuck him till he cried for Jesus Christ to save his ass. Then I’d feed him a Koran page by page. With cartoon pictures of him on each page. Then laugh as I lit him on fire. To all jihadist muslims out there? FUCK YOU. You want a fight? Bring it.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Welcome aboard Michael. Glad you like the site.

      Hmmm, tell us how you REALLY feel! Your comment has the tenor of the writings of eddibear over at doubleplusundead. You should check that site out. I think he also runs Aardvarks & Asshats now, as well.

      They want to kill us because of who and what we are, not because of some stupid amateur video.

      I have tried to be “tolerant” and to encourage the microscopically tiny number of muslims who eschew violence to reform their “religion” from within, but so long as the dominant (i.e., mainstream) school of thought in islam is to kill anyone who doesn’t submit to the dar al-islam, muslims will have my disdain and distrust. And I will lubricate all my firearms with gun oil made partially with rendered pig fat.

  3. Folly says:

    I have a copy of the Koran I was thinking about letting my dog crap on and post the video on YouTube.

  4. piss and shit be upon him says:

    And then feed it to a Muslim rat until he pukes his little Dick out…
    fuck them

  5. BOB ZANGALIA says:

    Can you direct me on how to get more involved in this issue? i’m too old to join the military, but am willing to join with the rest that are sick and tired of being pushed around by insane maniacs. i’d rather fight for something than sit around waiting for a car bomb to hit more innocent people. if you have the balls to put up this page, i have the balls to stand with you.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      1. Educate yourself. Read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam by Robert Spencer. Follow blogs like,, and Understand exactly what islam is and what we have to deal with.

      2. Educate other people – with facts.

      3. Write letters to the editor.

      4. Communicate with your elected officials.

      5. Do not allow yourself to be labelled a bigot because you are opposed to muslim hegemony and creeping sharia law.

      6. Lan estaslem – “I will not submit.” The most important part – never submit.

      The small efforts of many people will have results. None of the things mentioned above are a waste of time.

  6. todd says:

    Fuckin hell ya!!! You put into words EXACTLY how I feel. To hell with all those 7th century savages following that dispicable child molesting so called ‘prophet’. FUCK MOHAMMED. There I ‘said it’. Just try to slit my throat. I’ll fuck you up! I’m not afraid of those animals. Todd A. E.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      I think everyone needs to take the gloves off and call a spade a spade – or a fucking shovel, as the saying goes.

      I am tired of tap-dancing around the sensibilities of medieval goat-humpers.

      Politically incorrect? We are WAY beyond politically incorrect.

      Welcome to the blog.

  7. Sebastian Page says:

    It amazes me how the left panders to the most violent thugs on the planet, but savages the tolerant routinely.

    Wait a second…it doesn’t amaze (or surprise) me at all. Sorry about that.

    Fantastic post, WP…as usual. 😉

  8. RC11 says:

    I, Mohammed the Pedophile (piss and shit be upon me) hereby testify that ours is a religion of intolerance, ignorance, backwardness and piss. Find out more on my website or check out the hole-y Quran to read all about my fantastic rapes, murders…


    Cheers to WP.

    ———-If you aren´t with us, you´re with the terrorists.———–

  9. lk says:

    You are speaking my language..I am sick and tired of these muslim dogs..them and their pedophile pig fucking especially sick of these dumbasses who think koran means peace…it fucking means submission you airhead twats…I am from the mid east..I know..ive been around these muslim scum…rot in hell dog ..pig fucker..

    • Wiccapundit says:

      I’m don’t understand why the perspective of people who’ve lived in the Middle East is not taken seriously. It’s not like you don’t know what Muslim “culture” is like.

  10. Robert says:

    the site “Obamaliedambassadordied” is not taken.

  11. Seth Darwood says:

    Hey WP 🙂
    Thanks for setting up this blog; we need at least someone with enough balls to speak out loud.

    The problem with political jokes is that thet get elected.

  12. David says:

    Today(Oct. 26) is the muslim holy day eid-al-adha(festival of sacrifice-might go on till Sunday but not sure). In the grand tradition of Anton Lavey, I have decided to celebrate Ahda-la-die(festival of indulgence) saying fuck allah, fuck the sheep fuckin’ prophet, and fuck the koran(if I had a koran to deface, I would watch some porn while jerking off only to blow my load on that pile of shit which is even more blasphemous than pissing or wiping one’s ass with it). I will be sure to say these things in front of an image of Baphomet while I give the sky my middle finger. This abomination of a festival is to celebrate the willingness of abraham to sacrifice ishmael. What a bunch of raving animals, having the audacity to celebrate this defilement of basic human decency because some schizophrenic sheep fucker heard a voice telling him to murder his own child. What in the fuck?!!! Fuck sacrifice, I’m celebrating porn/lust, anger/rage(aimed at these fuck faces who dared defy the good ol’ US of A on Sept 11 and are deserving of being wiped off the earth-not all Arabians but the Muslim population), drunkeness, and freedom of speech!!! All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster too(as this is the sabbath for Pastafarians and I suppose I am a dark Pastafarian-winches and GROG:) Oh yeah, sloth is on the top of my list to just chill today and do nothing but watch “sinful” TV full of violence. Maybe I’ll watch Star Wars Episode 3 and cheer the Sith on wishing that there really was an Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader in real life who would kill all the Muslims making the world a better place. Fuck islam. Fuck their imaginary friend.

  13. Eliza Glenn says:

    Geert Wilders for the win.

  14. raf says:

    fuck all muslims

  15. Conrad says:

    I agree with you. I wish that more people would understand what is happening with islamic ideology bubbling up in the US. It won’t be long before Islamic schools are built, where children will go to learn how to build bombs and kill all kuffar. There are already plans for this, and we will see a slow but steady rise in muslim fundamentalism within the US. This will be coupled with increased government measures to constrict the ability of citizens to freely express themselves with draconian measures such as the removal of due process and martial law. It is not a coincidence that one of obama’s first actions following his inauguration in 2009 was to visit Egypt and consort with his friends the muslim brotherhood. In the future, we can expect to see more restrictions placed on us as we will be forced to ‘respect’ this barbaric ideology that was scrapped together from various mythological and religious sources over 1000 years ago for the enrichment of a select few powerful imams and kings and the impoverishment of the remainder of humanity.

  16. moe howeird says:

    lets face it they love killing each other and their book says it’s ok to lie to get their point across,beat women and hate free speech and freedom of thought.Most are illiterate automotons that get the koran shoved down their throats from cradle to grave. Just like all religions. They don’t even want children to be vaccinated against smallpox or polio its a western plot to kill muslims….thats logic for you.

  17. Daisy Duck says:

    Start cleaning your city from moslem. I am open minded. But moslem make me fight now. 58 but still can kill.

  18. Muslims go to hell says:

    Fuck Muhammad (may the plague be upon him) the child molester…he is the most abject insect ever created (if he did ever exist…)

  19. Raf says:

    Fuck islam and that fucking goat fucker twat mohammed. Europe free of dirty cunts muslims.

  20. haig says:

    Fuck islam and it’s pedophile prophet who married a 6 years old . He was 53 . If that is not pedophilia … what is then !!!

  21. Nim says:

    Why Eu not banning Islam timely b4 it is too late

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