Wednesday, July 24, 2019 01:26

Random semi-funny; Friday Funneh edition

– Wiccapundit

Only Chuck Norris can help Obama win in November.

Unfortunately, Chuck Norris thinks Obama is an asshole.

Yeah, that’s not “I pulled a groin muscle” funny, but it is funny in a transgressive, hipster, “I don’t care if it’s funny” kind of way.

Why did Obama cross the road in January 2013?

Because he was stapled to the chicken.  And because he got his ass kicked at the polls the previous November.  But mostly because he got his ass kicked at the polls.

This falls in the category of “surreal, sort-of funny, but REALLY funny if you are hanging around with buds on the weekend stoned to the gills.”


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  1. cmblake6 says:

    We need to send in Chuck Norris to remove the threat!

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