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Yeah, the Chinese are DEFINITELY going to be the next superpower. Right.

– Wiccapundit

I always thought the blather about how the Chinese are going to dominate the future was misplaced.  I mean, any culture that specializes in different ways to cook chicken in a wok is not likely to be the next military powerhouse.

It seems I was right.

When buying two old Soviet aircraft carriers from the Ukrainians, the Chinese claimed that their reason for doing this was to convert them into tourist attractions. Reputedly, the actual situation was that they hoped to learn as much about aircraft carriers from them as possible, and then refit them as actual aircraft carriers. Upon discovering that they were in fact large and immense floating pieces of rust that had actually not been very good aircraft carriers in the first place, in a possible attempt to save face, the Chinese did attempt to convert them into tourist attractions after all. Thus the two Soviet military theme parks, one in Shenzhen based around the Minsk and the other in Tianjin based around the Kiev.

Both subsequently went bankrupt, a day out while looking at rusting remnants of the Soviet Union not apparently being a big attraction for the young Chinese. The Kiev carrier in Tianjin has apparently been subsequently converted into a hotel. The Minsk in Shenzhen continues to rust.). The Chinese in 1998 purchased the incomplete Admiral Kuznetsov class carrier the Varyag, which was at that point floating somewhere in the Ukrainian waters of the Black Sea. The carrier was officially bought by a Macau based tourist venture, with the pretext being that it would be converted into a casino. In this case, though, it remains in the hands of the Chinese military. After a (very) lengthy refit, it may one day enter into service in the Chinese navy.

All evidence is that the Chinese did in fact purchase Charles de Gaulle’s yacht with the intention of turning it into a floating Bavarian beer bar, however.









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2 Responses to “Yeah, the Chinese are DEFINITELY going to be the next superpower. Right.”

  1. Richard says:

    Of course the main thing to take from here is that when the British, Americans, French and Japanese wished to operate naval aircraft far from land they designed and built aircraft carriers, developing them as technology improved. If the Chinese don’t have engineers capable of designing such a machine then their future capabilities have probably been exaggerated.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      The same exaggeration was made with respect to the Soviet Union in the 1970’s.

      If the Chinese military hardware is made out of the same cheap-ass pot metal that the nails I get from Home Depot are made out of, I’m surprised any of it works.

      This is a function of a command-driven economy coupled with a totalitarian political system. The necessary critical thinking skills and independent creative spirit are squashed by the system.

      Does anyone remember the 1980’s, when the mantra was that the Japanese were going to rule the world?

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