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Walking Away From Omelas

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If you haven’t been following the Penn State-assistant football coach-child raping scandal, more than you’d want to know is here.  As for commentary on the support of the Penn State community for fired head football coach Joe Paterno, and the utter failure of anyone in a position of authority (much less those who witnessed the rapes and abuse) to do anything about it, probably the best take on it is here.  The term “Omelas” in the title of my blog post is explained in the linked post, and it is completely applicable.

These things should be simple.


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3 Responses to “Walking Away From Omelas”

  1. What planet are the rioting students on? Violent protests in support of the man who failed to report child rape?

    I was horrified to see Paterno thanking them for their support. That is implicitly defending his own record – he should be admitting he is not worthy of their support and instead begging their forgiveness in exchange for dedicating his life to humble charity, having given away every penny except what he needs to live.

  2. Not only Joe Paterno not report the rape, but he did nothing to stop it.

  3. Erinyes says:

    I googled Omelas. More than walking away, those who witnessed the rapes by Sandusky had a duty as human beings to intervene. Plus, in the aftermath of the revelations of Sandusky’s vile behavior many are decrying what Sandusky did to the rep of Penn State. Excuse me, but who gives a shit about Penn State? This whole affair has left me shaking my head in complete disbelief…

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