Tuesday, July 23, 2019 15:53

Duty. Honor. Country.

– Wiccapundit

Something to remember when everybody takes off from work when a few snow flurries fall.

Not All of D.C. Was Shut Down Last Week.



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6 Responses to “Duty. Honor. Country.”

  1. TheUnrepentantGeek says:

    So I saw a link to this place on DPUD and I thought, hey, this I gotta see.

    And really, I never thought someone would find a legit excuse to make that “Eye of Newt Gingrich” joke. Epic. Seriously.

    Personally I’m a Christian, but for some reason it makes me glad to know that pagan doesn’t necessarily = militant leftist.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      I comment on and off at DPUD. Great site, but whoa! when eddiebear posts, he can peel paint off a wall.

      Glad the Newt joke wasn’t too lame. It sort of had a Monty Python vibe to it, as well.

      As I note in the About Red State Witch page, I don’t bash Christians. Oddly enough, I sometimes think I have more in common with them politically than with “my people.” I have many friends who are Christian, and we get along just fine, so long as everyone lives and lets live.

      I’m glad you found your way here, and hope to see you comment again.

  2. James S. says:

    In 2003 when D.C. got hit with Hurricane Isabel 3rd Infantry Regiment “Old Guard” disobeyed a Presidential order to stand down for the duration of the storm. There duties may be largely ceremonial, but they take them VERY seriously.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      I was not aware of the 2003 event, but from what I’ve learned about the Old Guard, I’m not at all surprised.

  3. Mags says:

    I’ve only been down to Arlington once, but beeing at the Tomb of the Unknown is amazing. It”ll give ya goosebumps!

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