Saturday, September 21, 2019 13:10

Meet the leeches

– Wiccapundit

When you argue with liberals about people mooching off the system and draining the productive wealth of this country, you usually get a response like: “well, that’s just an apocryphal story”, or  “you can’t rely on unsourced anecdotes to prove your point.”

Really?  Here’s two rock-solid, sourced examples:

The first is a copy of a receipt from a grocery store for five 24-packs of Mountain Dew, a half-dozen cold-water lobsters, and two Porterhouse steaks.  Total: $141.78, paid for with FOOD STAMPS.

I mean, seriously?  Who drinks Mountain Dew with steak and lobster?

Snopes verified it, and yes, it’s true, because the guy who bought the stuff has been arraigned in criminal court in Menominee, Michigan for trying to sell it.  Yes, it’s apparently legal to buy these kinds of comestibles with money obtained from the public tit; you just can’t turn around and sell them.  Jeez, heartless conservatives trying to keep a man down for doin’ a little arbitrage action?

But as the Democrats whine, “we can’t allow draconian Republican cuts of even a penny from these absolutely necessary social safety-net programs.”

The second takes a few minutes to watch.  Watch it.  This is the face of the blood-sucking parasite attached to your ass, exsanguinating you as you slave away at an actual … what do they call it?  Oh yeah, a job.

This guy should be taken out into the street and beaten senseless with whatever musical instrument he supposedly plays.  As Judge Judy says: “seventy thousand dollars down the sewer.”

Paging John Galt; Mr. Galt, you have a call.


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5 Responses to “Meet the leeches”

  1. Laurel says:

    Wow, RSW, things like this really chap my buns. Unfortunately I was unable to view the Judge Judy video, but I love her wit and wisdom — she is a “no b.s.” gal.

    It bugs me even more that I was laid off my job 2.5 years ago at age 50, have been unable to find another job (even though willing to take a huge pay cut), have started my own business, am working to build my business, purchase my food at Aldi (and ice cream or snack foods are a big treat for me), and am living off of my savings, hoping to outlast this lousy regime in Washington and succeed in spite of those jokers in the Oval Office and the Senate.

    Love your site, kudos to you!

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Glad you like the site, Laurel. Sorry to hear about your travails in the Land of Hopenchange. Good on ‘yer for starting your own bidness. What’s your product/service?

  2. I can’t view the video either, but I know the one!! I posted it at FB. It has spread far and wide. Interestingly, none of my liberal friends could be reached for comment.

  3. Wiccapundit says:

    The link got broked. I fixed it.

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