Saturday, September 21, 2019 20:08

Another bourbon review.

– Wiccapundit

In my quest to find the perfect bourbon (which, Goddess willing, will be a lifetime search), I came across this one in a local liquor store that didn’t carry my usual bourbon du table – Old Charter Ten Year Old.

I find this to be a very smooth bourbon to drink.  The nose is not as pungent as many bourbons, and the foretaste offers hints of vanilla, but not too much sweetness.  There is a mild burn with a touch of pepper, and the aftertaste lingers with a very enjoyable complexity.

Highly satisfying, and at about $23.00 a fifth, not too expensive.  Thumbs up from WP for this one.


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4 Responses to “Another bourbon review.”

  1. Nice! Hubby enjoys this one very much. It’s a nice and less expensive alternative to Maker’s Mark.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      I agree. Maker’s is good, but it doesn’t knock me out enough to justify the price. I’ve tried a LOT of bourbons, and I have to say that bourbon is like sex: when it’s good, it’s REALLY good; when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

      On the quality/price value scale, I’d have to say that the Old Charter 10 Year Old is way better than its price would suggest. It’s good enough to drink neat, but you don’t feel guilty mixing it, either.

      I’m also something of a fan of Tennessee whiskey, particularly the Gentleman Jack.

      And don’t get me started on single malts.

  2. ArmedGeek says:

    Finding a fine bourbon at a low price isn’t always easy but I will say that I’ve not seen that big a correlation between price and quality in bourbons. That said, once you start looking at scotch, then even expensive bourbon is cheap by comparison.

    • Wiccapundit says:

      I would agree with the price/quality correlation as to bourbon. Maybe it’s just my taste buds, but the super-premium bourbons don’t make me feel like I got my money’s worth out of the high price. Even the super-cheap bottom shelf bourbons don’t truly suck. After all, by law they have to be aged at least two years. By contrast, a super-cheap blanco tequila may be aged only two months (max) or even not at all – bottled right out of the distillation tank. That stuff can be used to degrease engines.

      Single malt scotches, though, are another thing entirely. And some of those are impossible to enjoy without price guilt unless you are a Saudi oil sheik.

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