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Art? Never heard of it.

– Wiccapundit

As the saying goes: “If I can paint it, it ain’t art.”   Which can be restated as: Most modern art looks like a four-year-old painted it.  The reason four-year-olds paint that way is because they haven’t learned how to paint yet.

This comes to mind when I read this 2001 account:

A cleaner (janitor) at a London gallery cleared away an installation by artist Damien Hirst having mistaken it for rubbish. Emanual Asare came across a pile of beer bottles, coffee cups and overflowing ashtrays and cleared them away at the Eyestorm gallery on Wednesday morning.

Oops.  That was art?  Oh, so sorry, I thought it was a pile of shit.

How long before someone actually pinches a loaf, puts a title on it, and submits it to a juried art exhibition?  I haven’t scoured the bowels of the Internet to confirm, but I suspect it’s already happened.

“Art beware, it’s all been done; there’s nothing new under the sun.” – Ambrosia, “Art Beware”

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2 Responses to “Art? Never heard of it.”

  1. Jena says:

    bbwwhahaahaa! oopsie!

  2. Sebastian Page says:

    And the real zinger…? Taxpayers have thier income siezed to subsidize lot of this crap. Talk about stoopid.

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