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Gallery of the Intrepid – Ghurka Division

– Wiccapundit

This is what a badass looks like:

Lone Nepali Soldier Defends Potential Rape Victim Against Forty Men

Kills 3, injures 8, drives the rest away.  Oh, and the 40 robbers were armed with knives, swords, and guns.  All that Bishnu Shrestha was armed with was a kukri, a clear moral purpose, and a sack of stones the size of Gibraltar.  Bishnu Shrestha gets a 999 milliBronson rating.  The only reason he doesn’t get a full Bronson is because, well, there’s only one Charles Bronson.  Although I must say, this guy almost rates a full Bronson.

Below is a picture of a kukri.  No picture of Shrestha’s mighty testicles was available, due to size constraints of the blog format.


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5 Responses to “Gallery of the Intrepid – Ghurka Division”

  1. LC Draco says:

    Ghurkas have a DAMN FINE history of loyalty and combat acumen. I would occupy a foxhole with one anytime. And BTW, there are several historical accounts of Ghurkas lowcrawling ahead of a Brit position and coming back with numerous confirmed kills.

    They are a lethal ally and a scary enemy.

  2. Wiccapundit says:

    I have a picture in my mind’s eye of a guy pushing a wheelbarrow everywhere he goes.

    With his enormous ball-sack riding in it.

    It has been said that the only time true courage can be exhibited is when there is the risk of immediate painful death. (This would exclude the “moral courage” frequently touted of themselves by Hollywood types when they make a movie about – wait for it – McCarthyism.)

  3. Sebastian Page says:


  4. cmblake6 says:

    I’ve read about this on numerous sites, and all I’ve got to say is “HELL YEAH!”

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