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Since all the best blogs talk about booze, here we go…

– Wiccapundit

Sadly, the superior talent over at Hookers & Booze have been seriously deficient in their liquor reviews of late.  So, in the interest of a well-informed blogdom, I dip a cautious toe in those waters.

The Old Charter 10 Year Old.  ‘Round ’bout these parts, you can get a 1.5 liter bottle of this bourbon for a double sawbuck.  For as inexpensive as it is, it’s a nice little bourbon.  I was raised up on Mr. Daniel’s fine fare, but in my dotage I’ve gravitated more to true bourbons.  You wouldn’t expect a bourbon aged this long to be this cheap, but there you have it.  It is quite mellow as bourbons go, and it is a pleasant sipping whiskey.  Not in a class with Maker’s Mark, but in this economy, who can afford that kind of habit?  Anyone have experience with this one?  What say you?


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8 Responses to “Since all the best blogs talk about booze, here we go…”

  1. Curtal Friar says:

    Well, I’m not really knowledgeable about the hard stuff at all. I would like to become more familiar with Scotch, mainly in being able to know the difference between single and double malts and whatnot.

    I’m also somewhat interested in Rum, mostly because of the little bit I’ve read about the drink and its history.

    Now beer and ale? I can talk about that all day. Like Benjamin Franklin remarked, “Beer is proof that God loves us.”

    • Wiccapundit says:

      El and I are fairly knowledgeable about single malt Scotches, having visited the fair land of our forebears on a couple of occasions. Single malt scotches are made, as you might guess, from the distillate of a single type of malt at a single distillery. “Regular” scotch is a blend of several whiskies. Among the single malts, there are four distinct regions that produce it, and there are wide variations in flavor among them. Some are smoky, some are “peaty” (from having the barley dried over peat fires, etc. Our favorites are Oban, The Balvenie, and of course Glenfiddich. Although I enjoy single malt scotch, I am at heart a bourbon man.

      And I loves me some beer. I love weisbier, stouts, Belgian Lambic, Scottish ales; just about anything except very hoppy IPAs.

      Thinking about brewing my own.

  2. Sebastian Page says:

    Although once a formidable drinker, I now find myself utterly unqualified to comment on this ostensibly fine adult beverage. My more youthful days of wreckless consumption now behind me, I reserve partaking for particularly traumatic life events…like the election of liberals. Or governing by liberals. Or the mere existence of liberals.

    On second thought, mind sending me a bottle?

  3. Garg…. sorry about my absence. Hubby is getting ready to deploy, and truthfully, I will lay blame on the lack of booze on my boss. I only do the Girlie Drinks 😉

    • Wiccapundit says:

      Deploy where? (If you can say; if not, I understand). If you can say but would rather not publicly, shoot me an email here, ’cause we’d like to send some care package stuff to his unit via or one of the other charitable organizations.

      Thank you both for his service.

  4. ArmedGeek says:

    Yeah, the lack of booze posts is all my fault. I’ve been slacking terribly of late but I hope to get back on track very soon.

  5. ArmedGeek says:

    I’ve actually not tried that particular bourbon, I don’t think I’ve even seen it. I don’t want this to sound uppity, but I don’t look down at the liquor store, I stick to the top two shelves. That said, I reckon once I’ve made it all the way ’round the store it would make sense to start trying the budget booze to find the hidden gems.

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