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Taking the educators to school

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In Which the Inestimable Mr. Denninger Puts Some Effin’ Knowledge to the Education Bureaucracy – And the Math Doesn’t Lie

Public education in this country is a disaster, and anyone not blind can see it:

In New Jersey, students have as many as three chances to pass the state high-school exit exam. That’s right — three. Three chances to earn a passing grade of 50 percent on a test that is written at the middle-school level. Students have three chances to score 50 percent or better on a middle-school-level test in order to graduate high school.

The City of Newark spends about $22,000 per child per year to get these dismal results.

What does the educational bureaucracy say to this staggering indictment of its ability to perform?    Jam its head in the sand:

More than one-quarter of New Jersey’s 2,430 public schools were cited yesterday for failing to meet federal education standards after too few of their students passed state reading and math tests this spring, state education officials said yesterday.

“Clearly we have seen improvement,” said Education Commissioner Lucille E. Davy, who announced the results via a telephone conference. “But there is still much work to be done if we are to adequately prepare our students for the 21st-century work force.”

“Our test scores are at the highest they’ve ever been,” said Mr. Muñoz, who took over as superintendent two years ago. He added that two schools have made enough gains for him to expect that they will be removed from the list of schools in need of improvement. “We’re very happy to see this progress,” he said.

Only in BizarroWorld or in the Spock’s Beard Universe would such performance not only be self-praised, but lavished with even more taxpayer dollars.

What to do?  KD of The Market Ticker has a challenge:  He offers to set up a school in inexpensive and available commercial space, outfit it, hire qualified teachers (non-union) at a decent middle-class salary, and teach the students core subjects such as math, English, history (not “social studies”), and hard sciences through the Direct Instruction method.  That is, the way subjects were taught in this country before the Deweyite social experimenters ruined the education system.  The school district would give him the per student funds currently spent by the government-run schools.  He keeps the profit.

If in five years, his students aren’t whipping the  pants off the school district’s students in nationalized standard testing, he will give all the profit back and the educrats can declare victory for their approach.   But, if he succeeds?

But if I do beat your academic achievement, you, and every one of the employees in your school, is fired, the district buildings and land are sold off to private interests, the money that is no longer going to be wasted is returned to the taxpayers in the county, and your pension funds and all other forms of deferred cost that you and your cronies stole from the taxpayers for your sub-standard and ridiculously overpriced underperformance are returned to the people as unearned plunder.

What say you educators?

What say you indeed.


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  1. Government schools have been a broken scam for a long time now. It’s kinda funny (not really…”insulting” is the more appropriate word) that leftists constantly chant that more money is the solution. Why then do private schools turn out a superior product for half the money? Remember who it is, folks, that wants to deny children and parents a choice by constantly opposing voucher programs….

  2. More money IS the solution….to their pensions, Sebastian.

    I have to “unteach” so much crap every freakin’ week, but the results are so worth it.

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