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Obama Caps Off Grueling Week Golfing for 44th Time as POTUS

44 times? Do the math; that works out to about once every 1.6 weeks since the Inauguration. I haven’t played golf 44 times in the last TEN YEARS total, and I’m a serious golfer.   Maybe all that workin’ and earnin’ money to pay the mortgage and for food ‘n shit is getting in the way of my second career on the Senior PGA Tour.  Seriously, the only hole-in-one this putz is ever going to have is the one in his head.

Sheesh.  If a foreign government ever anticipated employing a sneak attack to decapitate the U.S. government, they wouldn’t aim for the Capital or the White House, just the 18th tee at Ft. Belvoir.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Hey, let’s go a little easier on the Vacationer-in-Chief, shall we? It’s hard work transforming the greatest and most powerful country on the planet into a socialist utopia. And this says nothing of how grueling a task it must be to maintain an unbroken record of complete incompetence…he needs to refresh to make sure that he stays up to the task.

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