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Black Panther Justice

– Elphaba

Well, it turns out that there still are principled attorneys in Department of Justice; however, this particular one has resigned in protest over Obama’s refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers who committed voter intimidation during the last presidential election:

On the day President Obama was elected, armed men wearing the black berets and jackboots of the New Black Panther Party were stationed at the entrance to a polling place in Philadelphia. They brandished a weapon and intimidated voters and poll watchers. After the election, the Justice Department brought a voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and those armed thugs. I and other Justice attorneys diligently pursued the case and obtained an entry of default after the defendants ignored the charges. Before a final judgment could be entered in May 2009, our superiors ordered us to dismiss the case.

The New Black Panther case was the simplest and most obvious violation of federal law I saw in my Justice Department career. Because of the corrupt nature of the dismissal, statements falsely characterizing the case and, most of all, indefensible orders for the career attorneys not to comply with lawful subpoenas investigating the dismissal, this month I resigned my position as a Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney.

Kudos to J. Christian Adams.  You can read the rest of his Washington Times article HERE.

This administration is not even attempting to hide its bias and corruption.  They’ve gone completely off the rails.


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5 Responses to “Black Panther Justice”

  1. Sebastian Page says:

    And let’s not forget that fine example of high Statesmanship, the “Beer Summit.” If we recall, the President’s first inclination was to assume victimhood for the “brother”, and villiany on the part of whitey the cop, all without any understanding of the facts involved. Let’s be clear about this…Obama, and indeed most modern liberals, is a racist. We have simply had a distorted notion pummeled into our heads of what racism is and is not that some have a difficult time understanding their own racist notions.


  2. Of course they are racists….they have to divide us by race in order to conquer.

  3. Rob Taylor says:

    The real interesting thing about this is that unlike the original Black Panthers (who were Marxists) the New Black Panther Party is Islamist. Visiting their site is eye opening. They are more radical than the Nation of Islam and openly promote not just race war, but Jihadism.

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