Thursday, July 18, 2019 19:26

Friday Funneh

– Elphaba

I don’t know what Wiccapundit had planned for Friday Funneh, but I think this is freaking hilarious:

Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio

“I’m not Chachi, Motherf*cker!”



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4 Responses to “Friday Funneh”

  1. This is beyond hilarious! I always thought he was sooooo adorable 🙂

  2. James S. says:

    I loved it! And can really sympathize with it too. My nickname in high school was “Paladin”. And not because that was my preferred character class in D&D (I’ve NEVER played one. Ever).

  3. Danette S says:

    That was good. He did wonderful. And James, hate to break it to you but you are still a ‘knight in rusty armour’. 😀

  4. Matt says:

    I shared this with several Karate friends. Instant classic.

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