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Some thoughts on government

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It has occurred to me that there are four types of government administrations:

1. Moral and Competent

2. Corrupt and Competent

3. Moral and Incompetent

4. Corrupt and Incompetent

I would place the Reagan Administration in category 1: moral because it opposed communism and believed in increasing Americans’ personal and financial freedoms; and competent because it actually accomplished its goals of rolling back communismworldwide and vastly expanding economic activity through tax cuts.

I would place the Nixon Administration in category 2: corrupt because of Watergate and Nixon’s paranoia/enemies list; and competent because it actually brought an end to the the Vietnam War by forcing North Vietnam to the negotiating table on the strength of massive military strikes.

I would place the Carter Administration in category 3: moral (in a certain sense) because Carter – although preachy and self-righteous – seemed to genuinely desire the expansion of peace in the world, and was not overtly mired in any major scandals; and incompetent because, well, where do you start?  Iran hostages/growth of Muslim terrorism, Soviet expansionism, “stagflation,” sky-high interest rates, gas lines …

As for category 4, as the line goes from “Highlander”: “There can be only one.”



Your thoughts?


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4 Responses to “Some thoughts on government”

  1. Sebastian says:

    I seem to recall seeing similar categories presented elsewhere, but for the life of me I cannot recall where. I think you are bang on though, and the examples you cite are correctly placed. Here’s some others, what say you?

    Bush (Junior): 1 (some elements of 3)
    Clinton: 2
    Bush (Senior): 1

    Obama, however, would merit a classification of his own:

    5. Corrupt, Incompetent, and completely out of his league.

  2. Oh Hell says:

    How about
    3)Evil AND Stupid

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