Friday, August 23, 2019 22:04

Chris Christie just keeps getting better and better…

– Wiccapundit

It appears that a new standard of badassitude – coequal with the Bronson – needs to be established: the Christie. Beginning today, in my view the Christie is at parity with the Bronson. But given Christie’s sizeable presence, that number can only go up.  Not to disparage The Bronson, of course, but he is semi-retired, after all.

Your daily dose of Christie smackdown:

Copped from Ace, no surprise.


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4 Responses to “Chris Christie just keeps getting better and better…”

  1. Whoa…. he doesn’t take prisoners, does he? I love the way he uses logic and layman’s terms so that people can understand that he is not attacking them, but rather attacking those that have no interest in serving the people.

  2. Yeah, he’s definitely up there in the scales of badassitude. Why cant we gt more people with his frame of mind?

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