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Compassion for Arizona

– Elphaba

If only people understood what is really going on in Arizona and why Arizonans were so desperate to get some relief.  Perhaps they’d have more compassion for what the border states are going through right now!

The most immediate and visible impact is, ironically, environmental.  For instance, this is what illegal immigrants are leaving in their wake in the Sonoran Desert, just south of Tucson:

The trash is shocking to look at, but photos do not do justice to the terrible smell that is said to permeate this part of the once-pristine desert.  Uncovered piles of human feces litter the ground, festering in the sun, waiting for the next rainstorm to wash it and the rest of the trash into the rivers that provide irrigation and drinking water to unsuspecting humans downstream.  You will also find used diapers, tampons, condoms, and hypodermic needles amongst the piles of trash that accumulate during the dry season.  Another particularly lovely and tasteful tourist attraction are the rape trees; yes, the violation is more than just environmental:

There is a new kind of tree growing out west. Botanists have yet to decide how to classify it. Politicians and the major media seem to want to ignore it. The sight of one is enough to make weathered old cowboys who thought they’d seen everything in life break down and cry. Not many people have seen these trees, for they grow in out of the way places in the southwest desert along the border with Mexico. But those who have seen them are haunted by the memory. In an era of free trade agreements and politically correct euphemisms for “illegal aliens” they represent a new Mexican export to the United States. They are called “rape trees” and they bear a strange kind of fruit.

Panties. Yes, panties. It’s like this: You’ll be walking or riding along down by the border and all of a sudden you’ll notice a tree full of panties, sometimes thirty or forty of them. Dr. Carol Hand, who was part of the Minuteman Project in Arizona back in April found one. She explained,

“After the coyotes get the women across the border, safely on U.S. soil, they gang rape them to show they have total control over them. They hang their panties in the trees as signs of the conquest. I couldn’t leave them there. As a woman, I had to take them down. . . If the women are young and pretty, they are kept in houses of prostitution where they have to have their families buy them out or work their way out. Of course, none will testify to this because the coyotes know where they are from and can seek revenge on their families in Mexico.”

Illegal immigration is clearly not doing any favors for the women and young girls who are crossing the border.  Sadly, this is nothing new.

The people entering this country illegally appear, as evidenced by these photos, to have zero regard for each other, for the United States and the generosity that she represents, and absolutely no respect for her property or her citizens, as evidenced by the murder of Arizona rancher, Robert Krentz.  The people invading our country and doing this damage are not coming here because they respect or value America; rather, this is their attitude toward us:

It is long past time to show some compassion for Arizona.  It is long past time to show compassion for America.  The federal government is grievously overdue in its responsibility to its citizens: to do its constitutionally mandated job and secure the border.

Yeah, right.  I’m not holding my breath, either.


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  1. Heartbreaking. This is the stuff the MSM doesn’t report. If they did, the entire COUNTRY would demand the borders closed.

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