Saturday, July 20, 2019 20:40

America, here’s your wakeup call!

– Elphaba

A grateful H/T to LC Aggie Sith, over at  Hookers and Booze.  It is an interview with KGB expert Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the U.S. from the Soviet Union; he makes a strong case for the danger that is Communism, and how it is and will be affecting Americans, if people do not WAKE. THE. HELL. UP.

If you enjoyed this, share it around, and please visit  There’s a wealth of evidence and information over there.

And to you pie-eyed liberal dopes who think that Alinsky acolyte/Soros lapdog Barack Obama hung the moon, well: don’t say we didn’t warn ya, when they’re draggin’ your sorry, fool, ignorant, leftist ass off to the gulag.


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  1. Great stuff here!! I really need to learn how to embed video…

    Thanks for putting this up 🙂

    • Elphaba says:

      You’re welcome! It’s easy to embed video…if you have an html feature, which I’m sure you do, you just use Youtube’s “embed” button, copy the code, and plop it into your post.

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