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“PSY” is Korean for “jackass”

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

– Wiccapundit

The seemingly soft and unthreatening Korean K-pop rapper PSY, who has gotten millions of people to dance in a stupid fashion to his catchy “song” Gangnam Style, is actually virulently anti-American, as evidenced by the lyrics to a song by South Korean rock band N.E.X.T. that he sang in a 2004 concert:

Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives

Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture

Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers

Kill them all slowly and painfully

He is, of course, trying to sanitize his past history in order to enjoy the fruits of his current world adulation.  One sign of the impending Apocalypse?  That over 900,000,000 million views of his video have been recorded on YouTube.  Compare: the 1958 performance of Beethoven’s masterful Ninth Symphony, performed by the Berlin Philharmonic under the direction of Herbert von Karajan (the gold standard for this piece) and including an in-her-prime Leontyne Price singing soprano: 59,000 views.  Seriously? WTF?

Hey PSY, here’s a little statistic for you: over 33,000 “fucking Yankee” soldiers died to prevent the country you were born in from becoming the same Marxist “People’s” shithole that North Korea has become.  This happened before you were even a randy gleam in your daddy’s eye, which you seem not to know as apparently you have never studied Korean history.  Had Americans not died to protect the sovereignty of South Korea, you would have grown up in a regime that has created such widespread starvation among its people that malnutrition has caused the average North Korean to be between 1 and 3 inches shorter than the average South Korean.  In the late 1990’s, North Korea experienced a famine that caused upwards of 3,500,000 people to die of starvation, out of a population of about 22 million.  When 15% of your population dies from state-induced lack of food, what do you do?  Why, you give it a pithy name: “the Arduous March.”  Man, those Commies have a catchy phrase for everything.

If you had grown up under conditions like those that exist today in North Korea, you would not be “rapping” for a high-bling living, you would be laboring in a prison camp and eating your stolen pork raw so the guards wouldn’t catch you cooking it and beat the crap out of you.  Your fame consists entirely of creating a catchy song paired with a silly dance, which makes you something of a one-hit wonder.   Even the Hokey Pokey (which by the way was written in 1857) is a catchy song with a silly dance.  People are still singing and performing that song and dance today.  Do you think anyone will be doing the Gangnam Style dance in six months?  Can you say “Hey, Macarena?”

Bonus add-on:  President Obama and Michelle, despite the controversy over PSY’s ugly past, will nonetheless still attend his Christmas performance.  The President had a great opportunity to engage in a Clintonesque “Sister Souljah” moment, demonstrating his leadership qualities and racking up some props even from conservative commentators, who would have undoubtedly (if grudgingly) given him a thumbs-up for doing the right thing and distancing himself from anti-American sentiment.  That was a high-hanging PR curveball and the President completely whiffed it.  But he is, after all, The Smartest President EVAH.™


Celebrate the ORIGINAL Velvet Revolution, not Brett Kimberlin’s rip-off version

Monday, June 18th, 2012

– Wiccapundit

Go to this site, and repost and Tweet the link as well:  Velvet Revolution.  It is a site dedicated to reclaiming the term “Velvet Revolution” from Brett Kimberlin, who uses it as a catch-all for his nefarious doings.  The term originally (and properly) referred to the non-violent Czech uprising against Communist rule in 1989.  The site’s goal is to push Brett Kimberlin’s version so far down in the Google rankings that it effectively disappears.  Help them out.


Gallery Of The Intrepid – Wow. I mean, just, Wow. edition

Friday, April 13th, 2012

– Wiccapundit

There are times when I’d like to take every lefty moron who waxes enthusiastically about the beauty of Communism and drop them in a North Korean political prison camp for just a week.  Not the 23 years that Shin Dong-hyuk endured, after being the only known person born in a prison camp who later escaped to the West.  For him, freedom was “just another word for grilled meat.”

What do most of us in the West complain about?  “There’s nothing on TV.”  “These fries are cold, dammit.”  “Man, I don’t feel like going to work today.”  “I can’t believe ______ didn’t win American Idol.”

How about if I cook this pork I stole, the guards will know and come and beat me and put me on half-rations, so I better eat it raw.

We know nothing of true privation, and most Americans are utterly cavalier about the freedom they possess living in the United States.  Oh, and what was Mr. Shin’s crime?  Two of his brothers had  defected to the South during the Korean War.

Shin’s memoir, “Escape From Camp 14,” should be required reading in every university, no, every high school in the country.

(h/t Ace)


Yeah, the Chinese are DEFINITELY going to be the next superpower. Right.

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

I always thought the blather about how the Chinese are going to dominate the future was misplaced.  I mean, any culture that specializes in different ways to cook chicken in a wok is not likely to be the next military powerhouse.

It seems I was right.

When buying two old Soviet aircraft carriers from the Ukrainians, the Chinese claimed that their reason for doing this was to convert them into tourist attractions. Reputedly, the actual situation was that they hoped to learn as much about aircraft carriers from them as possible, and then refit them as actual aircraft carriers. Upon discovering that they were in fact large and immense floating pieces of rust that had actually not been very good aircraft carriers in the first place, in a possible attempt to save face, the Chinese did attempt to convert them into tourist attractions after all. Thus the two Soviet military theme parks, one in Shenzhen based around the Minsk and the other in Tianjin based around the Kiev.

Both subsequently went bankrupt, a day out while looking at rusting remnants of the Soviet Union not apparently being a big attraction for the young Chinese. The Kiev carrier in Tianjin has apparently been subsequently converted into a hotel. The Minsk in Shenzhen continues to rust.). The Chinese in 1998 purchased the incomplete Admiral Kuznetsov class carrier the Varyag, which was at that point floating somewhere in the Ukrainian waters of the Black Sea. The carrier was officially bought by a Macau based tourist venture, with the pretext being that it would be converted into a casino. In this case, though, it remains in the hands of the Chinese military. After a (very) lengthy refit, it may one day enter into service in the Chinese navy.

All evidence is that the Chinese did in fact purchase Charles de Gaulle’s yacht with the intention of turning it into a floating Bavarian beer bar, however.









(h/t Samizdata)





Grow up.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

In which the ineffable Bill Whittle puts some effin’ knowledge to the OWS protestors:

h/t/ Captain Capitalism


Animal Farm, made manifest.

Friday, October 21st, 2011

– Elphaba

This is absolutely great…the Napoleons and the Squealers are imposing their will on their fellow anarchists.  Read the whole article…it’s fantastic.

The Organizers vs. the Organized






Obama! Pay your fuckin’ bills!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

This is some of the funniest shit EVAH! Can we get this guy to replace TurboTimmeh Geithner?

“Stop bein’ a dickhead and balance the fuckin’ budget!”

“President Obama! You, personally; all the black people was proud, we got a black president. You actin’ like one right now, B. Pay your fuckin’ bills on time!”



I can haz reelecshun?

Friday, August 5th, 2011

– Elphaba

Take a look at this (incredibly unimaginative) advertisement I just stumbled over in the Postington Huff:

Thank you for your vote. How may I fuck you?He’s still wearing that self-satisfied smirk.  It is hard to imagine that anyone at this point would support him, considering that Hopey Changey has put so many out of work and on the dole, but he still has supporters.  Most of them avowed communists.

There is one former supporter, however, who I doubt will be so generous with his presidential endorsement this election season:

Kid Rock called. He wants his look back.


Obama. More like John Kennedy than he’d like to admit.

Friday, May 6th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

While reading Mark Moyar’s excellent “Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965,” I came across a very telling passage:

On June 3 [1961], President Kennedy headed to Vienna for a two-day summit with Khrushchev.  …  With his strength of personality and his conversational skills, Kennedy intended to sway Khrushchev in the same way he had swayed so many American politicians and campaign contributors, while showing Khrushchev that he could not be pushed around.  His [Kennedy’s] refusal to send American forces in to Laos and Cuba, he knew, had given Khrushchev reason to believe that the new American President had the toughness of a whispering lilac.

Khrushchev manhandled Kennedy from start to finish, manipulating his adversary and the terms of the conference totally to his advantage.  Kennedy later admitted that “He treated me like a little boy.  Like a little boy.”  Britain’s Harold MacMillan stated that “The President was completely overwhelmed by the ruthlessness and barbarity of the Russian premier.”  MacMillan believed it was the first time Kennedy had “met a man who was completely impervious to his charm.”

Gee, who does that sound like?  At least Kennedy had the grace to admit he’d been outclassed.




Atlas is Shrugging, Indeed!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

– Elphaba

Here is a must read essay about how the events of Altas Shrugged are reflected in current events.  Ayn Rand was prophetic, although I doubt that Colorado is going to be our haven.