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Andrew Breitbart is still here.

Friday, March 1st, 2013

– Wiccapundit

Is today really one year since we lost Andrew?

Damn, I miss the man.

But remember, Breitbart Is Here.


We hold these truths to be self-evident…

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

– Wiccapundit

Today is the appropriate time to remind ourselves what the Founding Fathers risked to bequeath us the Republic that it is our duty to preserve.

“we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

That wasn’t hyperbole; many did lose their lives or their fortunes.  They preserved their sacred honor.

Can we do any less?


Yet another further, different ObamaCare SCOTUS post

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

– Wiccapundit

Having now read more teeth-gnashing opinions from conservative pundits on how the Right really got its clock cleaned with the Sebelius decision, I have a few additional thoughts.

First, the idea that Chief Justice Roberts ruled as he did in order to curry favor with Left-leaning opinion-makers and the Georgetown cocktail party set seems really feeble.  If Roberts was truly a “stealth” liberal, why did he rule the way he did in Citizens United?  The Left’s equivalent of Roe v. Wade would have seemed to be a worthy candidate for a decision to obtain for Roberts the approbation of the Left.   Why did he wait until now to reveal his colors?  Anyone espousing this view needs to provide more support for it than simply claiming that Roberts is a “traitor.”

Second, if this is decision such a disaster for the Right and such a huge win for the Left, why were the liberals on the Court –  particularly Ginsburg – so peeved by the decision?  They issued a concurring opinion roundly criticizing the Chief Justice’s reasoning, but nonetheless had to swallow their distaste and sign on to Roberts’ opinion in order to obtain the result they so clearly desired – the upholding of the ACA.

What this appears to me is a fixation among conservatives with the outcome at the expense of the reasoning.  Roe v. Wade is roundly (and rightly) criticized for slipshod legal reasoning in Justice Blackmun’s opinion.  If the result of the case – overturning states’ abortion laws – had been done by an act of Congress, conservatives would still be unhappy, but not as unhappy has having a specious “right” created out of thin air where none exists under the Constitution.  It is more important in my opinion to focus on how the Court reached its result, rather than simply foam at the mouth about how bad the result was.  Really, does any conservative want to be seen as the same kind of mewling, whiny, punk-ass bitch as the Wisconsin Weeping Boy? (“This was the end of democracy. [sniff] The end of the USA as we know it just happened. [sniff]”).  To those on the Right, I say: MAN UP!

Here, conservatives are unhappy that ObamaCare has been ruled constitutional and direct their ire at the Court for allowing it to stand.  Forget that it took one vote – Republican Olympia Snowe’s – to send the bill out of Senate committee to a vote.  Forget that it took arm-twisting and bribes by the President to get it passed by the Senate, which Republicans were unable to prevent.  Forget that it took parliamentary shenanagins to get the monstrosity passed by both houses of Congress.  Conservatives failed politically, and were looking to the Supremes to save them – never a safe bet (See, e.g., McConnell v. FEC, the Supreme Court decision that initially upheld the McCain-Feingold assault on free speech.  George W. Bush signed that POS law assuming that the Supremes would overrule it, thus allowing him to appear to be for it when he was really against it.  Well played, W. /s).

Fix the problem with the ballot box.


(For a more thoughtful analysis in concert with my view, read this: The Chief Justice Done Good.)


Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

– Wiccapundit

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately.” – Ben Franklin

I don’t believe I could find a more apropos quote.  Title of this blog post is a reflection of the fact that ALL conservative commentators are targets of the Left, whether we think so or not.

There are two aspects of Brett Kimberlin you should know about.  One is the serial lawsuit-filer, who has taken it upon himself to sue or threaten to sue numerous conservative bloggers, such as Robert Stacy McCain, Patterico, Aaron Worthing, and others.  The other is the convicted serial bomber.  To learn more about this unsavory individual and his crimes, see this October 2010 article in The Indianapolis Star.

Fact: Kimberlin was convicted of the Speedway bombings and sentenced to 50 years in jail.  This is the truth, not opinion.

Fact: Kimberlin was paroled after 13 years of his 50 year sentence, but his parole was revoked when he made no effort to pay the $1.6 million judgment he owed to the wife of one of his victims.  He served another 4 years.  This is the truth, not opinion.

Fact:  Kimberlin has been the plaintiff in over 100 lawsuits, by his own admission.  This is the truth, not opinion.

Kimberlin abuses the legal process to harass his critics and those who dare to shed light on him and those who back him.  Once way to put a stop to this is to create so many targets that Kimberlin and his Leftist cronies can’t sue them all.  Your Wiccapundit has decided to be one of those to stand up and say: “No More!”

It is my opinion that Brett Kimberlin is a worthless sack of wet brownies, a complete waste of space, and unworthy to breathe the same oxygen that decent people breathe.

Here’s my thumb in Kimberlin’s eye:  Try to find me.  Try to sue me.  Try to win.

You will fail.


Breitbart Abides.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Wiccapundit –

Kilroy was here.  Breitbart IS here.  In honor of Andrew Breitbart, Red State Witch is doing its part to make this go ultra-viral:












Go to I Own The World to order t-shirts and bumper stickers.  All proceeds over cost are going to the Breitbart family.





What if?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

– Wiccapundit









In this short but thoughtful essay, Judge Andrew Napolitano asks; “What if the Constitution no longer applied?”   Well worth your time to read.

(h/t Lew Rockwell)


The One Per Cent

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

– Wiccapundit



(h/t Ace)



A metaphor for the debt ceiling debate

Monday, July 18th, 2011

– Wiccapundit

This is a great excuse for me to post a flying video.  Think of this final approach and botched landing at St. Barts to be the Democrat approach to the debt ceiling debate:


This is how the approach should be done; “conservative style.” Notice how the pilot not only makes the landing, but is able to turn off at the first taxiway. It’s called competence.


It’s like killing a baby.

Friday, July 15th, 2011

– Elphaba

Wow.  My opinion of Justin Bieber just climbed, like, exponentially, after hearing about the bruhaha over his Rolling Stone interview.  Apparently, Baba Wawa didn’t like his opinion:

The teen heartthrob is quoted in the magazine’s March issue as saying “you should just wait” until you’re in love to have sex and “I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby.”

Amazing…I’ve always thought abortion looked an awful lot like murder, myself.  If it is murder to let a child die after its birth, then it’s murder to kill it before its birth.  Logical, really.  Personally, I think 16-year-old Bieber’s attitude is healthy, and if he can influence youngsters to be more responsible with their sexual behavior, then society will certainly benefit.  …and liberal heads will explode.  It’s a win-win.


The Water Tastes the Same!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

– Elphaba

I really like Herman Cain.  He’s personable, down to earth, and smart as a whip.  I think he’d make a stellar president; he would wipe the floor with Obama. It would be so nice to have a Chief Executive that we could respect, for a change.