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UPDATE: Roll Crimson Tide, Roll

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

– Wiccapundit

That roaring sound you hear?  It’s the sound of the groundswell that will turn Obama out of office.   Here is the latest UnSkewed Polls projection:

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my tarot reading of the impending election.  Stay tuned.



Going down…

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

– Wiccapundit

And the hits just keep on comin’.  It seems I can’t post fast enough to keep track of Obama’s sinking poll numbers.  His approval rating is dropping like a newly-adolescent male’s testicles.  As I noted a mere four days ago, his disapproval rating after fourteen months in office reached a level worse than George Bush’s after his entire two-term tenure.   The previous poll number post was nine days before that.  At this rate, within a week I’ll be posting hourly, then minute-by-minute.  Perhaps Einstein could have told us if time slows down as poll number decline approaches the speed of light.

It gets bettah:

CNN poll: Majority disapprove of Obama for first time

Majority, as in more than 50%, even if you use ObamaMath™.  Maybe the public’s opinion of Obama’s performance is related to that stuff with the thing they were messin’ with last weekend, or somethin’.  Just a thought.

(Yeah, I found it on Ace.  So what.)